Murashko announced an increase in the number of patients with rapidly developing COVID

Young age today does not serve as insurance against the severe course of COVID-19, at a meeting of the presidium of the coordinating council for the fight against coronavirus, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said.

"We have seen patients who are in intensive care with severe complications — and up to 30 years old. Young age, therefore, is not an insurance against the disease and its complications today," he admitted.

The main feature of the current wave is the rapid increase in the number of patients who develop a "virtually lightning-fast course of coronavirus infection." "Literally within two or three days, requiring resuscitation support," the minister said.

Murashko clarified that this trend mainly concerns older people, but now young people from the age of 20 have begun to receive such treatment.

The head of the Ministry of Health said that in response to the rapid increase in morbidity, an additional number of beds is being deployed: "Today there are already 255 thousand of them deployed in the country, which is 11% more than last week. 235 thousand beds are occupied by patients today," he said.

Murashko said that the number of patients in serious condition is growing among the hospitalized, now they are already 11%. "And practically these are all patients who have not been vaccinated," the minister said.

12-13% of the total number of those infected in recent weeks are children. "The peculiarity of this period is, among other things, that the epidemic process also affected children. We see that the largest number of sick children is the age category of school age, from six to 17 years old," the head of the department summed up.

Over the past day in Russia, according to the operational headquarters, 28 thousand 190 new cases of COVID-19 infection have been identified. And they recorded an absolute anti-record in the number of deaths — 973 people. During the entire period of the pandemic, 7,832,964 cases of infection were registered in Russia, 6,894,285 people recovered, 218,345 died.


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