Mushroom Meadow Salad

Layered salad "Mushroom meadow" attracts the eyes of guests and already creates an atmosphere of celebration on your New Year's table.  Cooking time 30 minutes



Chicken fillet200g

Marinated champignons200g


Potatoes2-3 pcs

Carrots2 pcs.

Pickled cucumbers2 pcs.

Mayonnaise5-6 tbsp.

Parsley (herbs)1 bundle

Green onions (quill)1 bundle

Salt to taste


Put marinated mushrooms, caps side down, in a bowl, saucepan or dish.

Then put a layer of finely chopped parsley and spring onions.

Add a layer of grated boiled potatoes. Brush with mayonnaise.

Then put a layer of chopped pickles.

Add a layer of grated boiled carrots. Smear with mayonnaise.

Lay a layer of finely chopped chicken fillets. Smear with mayonnaise.

The last layer put grated cheese. Take the salad to the fridge for a couple of hours.

Turn the salad on a plate and gently remove. Do not remove quickly, it may be necessary to wait a little and the salad itself will slip out of the form.

Mushroom Glade" salad is ready. You can serve it for the festive table.


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