My Dear Precious Daughter

My dear precious daughter, have much commitment towards your academics. Learn and yearn for knowledge every time a new day hatches. Befriend books, embrace them and treasure them. Let reading not be an alien enterprise for you. Feed on the endless river of knowledge, make literature your religion and use it to understand humanity deeper and deeper.

My dear precious daughter, love God and other human beings with your whole heart. Remember that God is love, and if you love Him, you have to always obey his commandments. He is such a loving father that He brought you into this world so that He may be glorified through your life. Be prayerful my daughter, hide in divine protection and cover your soul with the precious blood of Jesus, for the world is now being controlled by the evil one.

My dear precious daughter, beware of opportunistic friends. Right now as I am struggling to find your education, you will not see them anywhere near our home. My daughter, opportunistic friends befriend you when you are reaping the fruits of education. They don't want to eat the bitter roots of education with you, but they want to have a share of its sweet fruits. When you are successful in life, that is the time they realize that there is a narrow path that leads to our homestead. Don't give them such an opportunity my daughter. Kick them away! A true friend is the one who walk with you in the burning of sunshine and drizzling of raindrops.

My dear precious daughter, comparison of your life with that of other people kills inner self. Even as I occasionally give you my advices, I will never tell you to be like so and so, to behave like this or that person. You are Abigail, and you will always be Abigail. Be the chief executive officer of your life. Behave like Abigail, think and act like yourself, because it is by doing so that you'll be able to embrace your weaknesses and cherish your strengths.

My dear precious daughter, embrace the natural gifts that God generously gave you. Talents can take you to places. Sing and write, for those are the talents I have identified in you. Use your talents positively, glorify God so that He may bless humanity through them.

My dear precious daughter, obey your mother and put her in your prayers. Do not annoy your mother, for she has power from your God to either bless or curse you. Make her proud by living a life of obedience, humility, courteousness and responsibility. Be clean and presentable. Be a good environmentalist, for we are God's stewards purposely made to take care of His creation.

My dear precious daughter, beware of your bodily desires. However much they may seem lustful to satisfy, they often lead to destruction and regrets. Everything has its right time my daughter. Be patient and do everything at its right time, putting in mind that God's will should always have the first priority in whatever you do. I love you Abigail.


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