My Fantasy World

In this feverish world we can't live the life that we visualize right, we just run all the time though we don't know where this running head towards and even we don't know if it has an edge to stop. So I gave an exception to myself from this hustling world because,

In the world of fantasy there is no more dismay, affronts, heartbroken, burden, and all the which we go through in this physical world.I am
agreeing that's not but it makes our reality worthy and chiefly there we can't see any faces with the cloaks.
Yeah damn via our imagination,we
can  make our existence become wealthy. Just imagine whatever you like, roaming there you just can feel the different you, can make there, different your can own sense aroma. Just create your own fantasy world where you are the emperor to your own kingdom, where you can perceive the positivity merely. Yeah just flare the expectations which ruin yourself, be good to your own instead of doing this to anyone. Yeah "I love imagination


Chinmayee Bhat - Aug 22, 2021, 12:51 PM - Add Reply


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