My favourite game (football lovers)

Like every Bengali, I do have a craze for football .Passion for football is in my veins. All study and no play makes jack a dull boy .This is  reality playing encourages children to participate,socialise, cooperate and team up. it allows them to experiment with situations and taughens  them up physically and mentally.


 Of all the games football is my hot favourite .According to me, it is the most interesting and exciting game. The ground on which the game is played is like a  battlefield .The players experience the thrill of real fighting the spectators too share the thrill.


 Through cricket is often called the king of games, it is not as exciting as football .The main feature is that  it is a body contact game and there is always some action in it. It is played between two teams with 11 players on each side who Aspire for scoring a goal against the opponent. The duration of the play is usually 90 minutes, and a referee conducts the game.


 On the other hand, football is a game that is played in equal terms. The first lesson that a footballer learns is that he is just a member of the team.  He feels  a sense of belonging with other  fellow players while he is at play. The game of football develops in a player endurance and keenness of vision  in a player. This game involves more speed and physical agility than any other game. Being a body contact game it often causes injuries to the player .In some cases accidents and injuries prove fatal .But such risks  act as a stimulus to the Intrepid spirit of youth.


 It is very interesting to watch the progress of the game. The players on both sides play  tirelessly to score a goal against the opponent team. The potshots, various types of dribbling and diagonal passes delight not only me, but also all the spectators. The spectators get involved unknowingly with the game. Thus they  become active participants in the game. When a skill player like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is with a ball on his feet, he is a sheer delight to watch.


 Victory is not important, the spirit of game is important. Even if a team loses, their player  shake hands with their victorious opponents. We should play football from our teens. Every school should have a playground to play football .Participation in the game allows school-children to escape from the  drudgeries of daily routine.


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