My Life in a Quarantine


The world were once used to be peaceful turns into a world full of nightmare. Where people strives to live, were survival is all in vain. 

It has been a month and a week since we've left school due to pandemic virus my country which is the Philippines has facing today and up to this moment. 

Waking up late in a morning around 12 o'clock, lacking of energy to get up on my bed to start the day, the noon afternoon rather. Everyone would feel the same, imagine waking up just to met with some bad news airing on the radio and on the television. 

Sitting on the chair by the close window. Dark cloud were filling the sky, concealing the bright behind its darkness.

It was so quiet, no chirping of birds, the boise of children playing outside, the loud noise of vehicles, it feels lifeless.

Those golden days has been long gone now. You'll notice the sadness and stress plastered on their faces. Losing hope that this might be the end of their life.

Sipping the cup of coffee I have in one hand. Trying to cope up with stress amidst this crisis.

I learned that this crisis brought us Pilipino citizen to reconnect with ojr love one's, like family, the one who you have in your roof with. 

Try your best to live your life to the full, do your passion, make yourself busy to cope up with stress and loneliness. 



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