My life in GB (Chapter1 Just arrived)

I first arrive the London airport with several British uncles,they're all the Queen's friends,they came to CQ for saving me to UK.


They really not ruin this chance,we finally safely arrive London airport,my bright life begins.


They're my best friends all the way,we have no time to travel,directly get home,then quickly opened our cases ,put everything in the right places.


And I've got my room,it's a new big family,I always have the opportunity to talk with them,they all welcome me.


My English is so brief and useful,all words I've learned can use to different occasions.


It's because they've treated me as one of them,and my three bats they help me quietly behind.


I never feel dizzy or lost awareness all the way to UK,this time I'm full of safety sense.


I took a bath and have supper with them,never be so happy before.I appreciate!From then on,my bats can just help me behind,when they talk to me,nobody knows.


I have a warm modern room,it's so beautiful,full of sunlight each day.I'd like to stay inside,but going out also not bad,at least I'm not only one,I can always hang out with my families,they're really the best people I know,we love our family.


Then I'd like to each day help them to do the things I can,their tips are so useful for me,I can benefit a lot through their family education.


I love to play with children,I'd like to play with them whole day long without rests.Children are so cute,they're my best friends.


They've sent me my new British ID card,it's a good one,I cherish it so much.It can be used everywhere when I need.


I don't need to care about my medical issues,cause my medicine I can buy everywhere in the pharmacies,and the doctors they're all very kind to me.


No matter where I am,people are all very gentle and warm-hearted,they're all very kind to me.


My bats help me a lot about some issues that I can't solve myself,I really appreciate for them.Fortunately,we've moved to a new better environment than in CQ.


And then,my new family will find me something to do,I believe I can do my best,cause they support me so much.


I really can,make them no worries,good job!So that they would love to introduce me to their friends,I'm really happy for that!


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