My Life Story (Part 1)

A cyclone has ravaged life. Three months ago today. The girl liked Rajiv. But luckily she got married to me, but unfortunately this girl can't accept me. Fools me all the time. The girl's problem is she didn't get what she wanted. The girl was well educated and beautiful. The girl was not a mother, her family did not want to marry her in a rich house. The girl liked to marry the big working boy. Just like that a day came in the life of the girl. A boy named Rajiv came to see him, who has a big job. The boy likes the girl. The girl's family went to see the boy, but the girl's family did not want to marry her because the boy was rich. Then I met the girl's family. I like seeing my daughter. I got married immediately without delay. I never wanted to know what the girl's choice? I was a small working boy. I was not so well educated. I was a little older than the girl. ...

Part 2 I'll hear later. ..



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