Mysterious wolf place (Story)

It's been so long. Mom said ten years. Taking  it all in now. I can't help but scold young me for  not begging to come back. Yes california is the dreamland, but not for me.

"Wren,look," my mom says from the front seat. My eyes flock to her window."Do you remember it at all?"

My Grandmother's house sits between two monstrous fir trees. There's a rope hanging from one of the branches and my mind clicks to when we built my swing together. I suppose the many years haven't toldrated it.

"Yeah, a little. The backyard has the clothes line,
Right? The one with the white poles. I used to climb it

"Oh, rights. I remember that."she glanced at me "you fell and scraped up your knees. The rest of the trip  you complained about your knees and wouldn't go in the water."

My mom turs onto the driveway and parks next to my grandma's car-an old coroll, "alright,"she says we made it."

I sit back and breathe, "finally."

"You wnt to go in, say hi, then grab the stuff?
She's dying to see you."

We got out of the car and ring the doorbell. The brick flower bed stretched along the house entertains me until the door opens.

"Oh my goodness!look at you!"

Her voice sound like my childhood. The  screen door releases her and suddenly her soft arms are wrapped around me."hi, Grandma," i sing as she pulls back and studies my face. Her cool hands rest on my shoulder.

"'re so big now lasttime i saw you, last time you were,what ,this big?"she hold out her hand nears my chest. "What happened?"

Ten years happend,mom," my mother says and receives a tight hug as well.

Aren't you two cold?" Grandma asks "come on. Come on.
I can put on the fireplace. You used to  love the fireplace,Wrenley."

We sit in the living room as Grandma turns on the fireplace and grabs a plate of the lemon cookies i used to love. I take one and bite. Solft,thich, addictive-just as i remember.

"Are you ready for school, dear?" Grandma asks and sits.

"I mean, yeah. It's all very sudden, but i'm sure i'll be just fine."

"That's góod. That's good. You know. It's the  high school your mother went to ."

I look to my mom and she smiles. "Oh.yes. how can forget waindale. High school

"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask.

It's not like thire's another school i could have gone to kid."
Grandma says, "well,no. There's  the privet school a few minutes away, but you went to the high school,'s just a. I don't know, five. Sex-minute walk."


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