Narendra Modi breaks record of Rajiv Gandhi

The results of general election 2019 are out. And the results are just as thought in favor of BJP. 

But here is a fact file for you this 2019 election has not only broken Rahul Gandhi's dream of becoming Prime Minister, but also broken the record of Rajeev Gandhi.

Yes you read it right, the record of getting maximum vote share was with Rajeev Gandhi during the election of 1984. After the killing of indira Gandhi, Congress won the maximum vote share of 48.1% ,more than 400 seats, whilst BJP had won only 7.4% of vote share. At that time BJP was formed just 4 years back in 1980. 

But now the scenario is just the opposite.

With the leadership of Narendra Modi BJP is excelling and getting all wins. Modi brand is showing it's power regardless of all tactics used by opposition parties all together.

In the results BJP is going on 300+ seats hence getting nearly 50% of vote share. 

The record of Congress is broken. 



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