Nasa is working on a ship that compresses time and space

We live at a time when the line between science and science fiction is disappearing, and the doors of boundless possibilities are opening before mankind.

Experts from NASA have decided to defeat the problem of the compression of time and space - reports Gizmodo, citing an interview with Dr. White of NASA.


NASA engineering specialist Dr. White says that despite the incredible human progress in technology, humanity is at the level of cavemen in the conquest of space.


We have only been able to send a robot to Mars and hang a station in Earth's orbit.

The main task, which is the colonization of other planets, we have not mastered.

The main "wall" in the way of solving this problem is that a particle, which has mass, charge, is not able to go faster than the speed of light.


But not so long ago, scientists managed to find a "loophole" in the physical equations.

They proved that time can go slower or faster under large-scale influences of forces that are similar to a nuclear explosion. It is assumed that the ship with its engine must produce a kind of twisted bubble. It in turn accumulates energy and slows down time behind and in front of the ship. It is this that will allow mankind to overcome the enormous distances of space. While on earth it will take several weeks, the ship will cover the distance in a few days.


At this time, all developments and experiments are being conducted by scientists at the micro level. If they succeed in building this ship, it will become an analog of the famous spaceship from the movie Star Track.


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