NASA says , Sanskrit the best language for Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence (AI), the technology that creates a lot of criticism, arguments all around the world. Needless to say, AI is the future of technology. Researchers all around the globe are trying to develop the most suitable programming language to upgrade the level of Artificial Intelligence. 


Recently, the news flooded in the tech circle that NASA has discovered the best suitable language for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence to its next stage. According to research Sanskrit, the official language of India which has been spoken since 5,000 years (B.C) is the most suited language for the Artificial Intelligence program. 


Sanskrit always has been an important language all over the globe. Despite its ancient origin. The language has some amazing characteristics. It is also used for therapy sessions in psychology and spiritual meditations.  


The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of philosophical and religious texts, as well as poetry, music, drama,  technical, and other texts.  The grammar of Sanskrit is rule-bound, formula-bond and logical which is best to program as an algorithm. 


The discovery of Sanskrit as an AI language is not new. It all began in 1985 when a NASA associate scientist Rick Briggs published a research paper entitled -’Knowledge representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence’. 


The research was focused on Sanskrit among the list of many human languages, explaining that it is one of the most suited for programming into robotic controls and Artificial Intelligence. 


                                                   “Rick Briggs statement on the Sanskrit Language”  


NASA has been researching from two decades investing a lot of their time and money finding for the best suited programmable language for the Artificial Intelligence programme which could power all their future space explorations.   



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