Need to be humble

Every person want to possess a good personality but they find it difficult. I would like to share a tactic which would help to develop a brilliant personality. To build a good personality try to be humble with words as well as behaviour. Your voice should be mellow infront everyone either you are talking to elder or younger person. You have to be little bit jolly in nature, kind harted, and could be able to understand feeling of the person whom you are talking with. Remember an arrow released from the bow and the words from the mouth can't be taken back, so never hurt anyone by words or action and never backbite any person and this would definitely improve your personality.

Uptill now you would have understood the importance of being humble, but is it really easy to master this quality? The answer is no. I'll tell you why. Do you know ego is that enemy of a person which never let you bow down even at the situation where required and it lowers your respect. So keep aside your ego infront of whom you are talking. Stop thinking of being superior. In any conversation it is more important to think of opinion of other rather than keeping your words. I would like to tell about lord Krishna. What was the need to wash the feet of sudama with his tears? Did sudama had power to bend shree krishna infront of him? No, all they have was love and respect in their friendship for each other. This incident shows the greatness of lord shree Krishna. so if you also want to be great then try to be humble. I would suggest you if you have understood what i have written and want to be great than please try this once in your life.


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