Net card is the secondary oxygen these days

  Nowadays people are getting net card at such a price that almost everyone can afford it and everybody can do without oxygen but net card is a must. 

 This is not only the reason why they are using the net casrd. 

Actually each and everything nowadays is available on the internet. So everybody wants to learn from the internet. Work life is also handled by the net card by many people. But today people are not bothering rto talk to the person beside them rather they are using their net card and mobile phone to interact virtually. 

I am not going to the negative side of these extreme usage of data card only. I would also like to menttion that many couples are able to avoid conjugal fights because they arte using mobile data or the wifi to spend a long number of hours in the net. 

There are many instances where you would find people using net card so extensively they get to miss their bus, train and important appointment with a doctor on different cases. 

So there are different cases which actually focuses on the point that net card has actually become something so much important like the oxygen we breathe in. We cannot take a step without oxygen. So is the case without net card. 

We cannot spend a moment these days without mobile internet. 

In our busy lives we need a thousand information each moment and these information are easily available from the internet. Nowadays you dont require friends or family to lead your life, only what you need is a net card and your mobile phone. Then you are all set.

 People dont much care about whats going on in the physical world rather they put their total concentration on the virtual world of the intternet. 


So are we becoming literally addicted to the virtual world? Are we not becoming totally lost in the intermnet that we are losing social connection with people. Today we can afford to lose a friend but we cannot afford to loose our mobile data and the phone.

But previously this phone used to be a commodity of talking only. So lets get to understand the concern. Should we become so dependent on the internet? Or we should restrict our usage in order to find some practical connection with the world around us also? 

Internet should solve our day to day problems and help us to grow in job, business,  learning and other different areas. We need a lot of knowledge to actually carry on with our life. May be sometimes we need to learn about many crucial medication and treatments also from the internet. We need all sorts of help from the net. But our  balance of using the internet must be understood. Without the proper balancing there is no good using an internet. Actually there is harm if we do not restrict our uses to a certain extent.

I throw this question to everybody reading this article using the internet....!!!


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