Netflix’s Midnight Mass: The Latest Horror Series From the Mind Behind Haunting of Hill House

The mind behind one of Netflix’s most unsettling shows is back with a new series. Midnight Mass is a new seven-episode show from Mike Flanagan, perhaps best-known as the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and its follow-up The Haunting of Bly Manor. And while the new series — which stars the likes of Rahul Kohli, Zach Gilford, and Hamish Linklater — isn’t part of that anthology, the first trailer has some very similar, and creepy, vibes.

Understanding the trailer

Set in a rural town during the Christmas season, Midnight Mass unfolds like an old-fashioned horror movie, complete with period costumes and a slightly campy tone. Linklater stars as Jackson, a man who has a special connection to the local church that he inherited from his grandfather. But when Jackson helps the pastor (Gilford) to a local lake, the body of his estranged daughter ishes ashore. Will Jackson be able to save her, and protect the reverend and the residents of the small town that have fallen under his protection? While Midnight Mass isn’t on the same level as Flanagan’s other works, it’s definitely just as unsettling. It doesn’t feel quite as familiar to fans of the Netflix horror master, but this isn’t the first of his projects to reach the streaming giant.


What can we expect from Midnight Mass?

In case you’re not familiar, Midnight Mass is based on Flanagan’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of Henry Taylor (Linklater), who is a divorced dad who finds himself stuck at his estranged mother’s house, which just happens to be at midnight on Christmas Eve. Once there, he finds that the house has been utterly transformed into something out of a horror film. That’s not all, though; a small choir of guests — all members of the church in which the show is set — arrive, and soon all hell breaks loose. “Henry Taylor is a sweet and faithful dad who has just lost his wife,” the official Midnight Mass synopsis reads. “He has returned to his childhood home, having been estranged from his mother for years.


Why is it called Midnight Mass?

Right off the bat, you can tell this isn’t The Haunting of Midnight Mass from Hill House — or any of the other anthology series, like American Horror Story or Scream Queens, that came before it. Midnight Mass is set in the present day and tells the story of Henry and Kate Schaeffer (Linklater and Kohli), a young married couple who are forced to go through some incredibly stressful times when they move into a historic home — the Schaeffer Estate in an old, sleepy town in upstate New York. And boy, things only get scarier from there. A new trailer for Midnight Mass: What’s the premise?


What is Flanagan’s inspiration for this series?

Much like The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass is a haunted house story set in modern day. But where The Haunting of Hill House drew on Poe and Gothic horror tropes, Midnight Mass leans more on literary horror tropes from the 20th century, including Lovecraft and some very dark, De Sade-inspired eroticism. But these are more psychological works than purely gory, so don’t expect a Scream-like slasher film. In fact, Midnight Mass is so far unlike any other horror series on Netflix that it’s possible this series might turn out to be its own genre all its own. Netflix has not yet revealed any release dates for Midnight Mass.


Who should watch Midnight Mass?

Midnight Mass might not be for everyone, but it’s the sort of horror series that comes around once in a while, and has me super intrigued. Flanagan’s work is like nothing else on television right now, and this dark, moody series is easily my most anticipated show of 2019. When can I watch Midnight Mass? Midnight Mass will be available to stream January 12, 2019, on Netflix.


Why should you watch Midnight Mass?

Midnight Mass was filmed entirely in India, which helps its style. Flanagan is no stranger to making American horrors, and Midnight Mass fits right into that mold, with its more traditional stories told in a haunted house setting. It sounds a lot like an episode of a foreign horror show — perhaps about Russian prisoners of war? — but it’s mostly supernatural instead. But again, even that’s not enough to hold your attention. Here’s the premise of the series, from the show’s Netflix page: “The eerie and mysterious Midnight Mass, at which many a demon worshipper, voyeur, and self-proclaimed prophet have sought to commune with spirits, is also a battleground of sorts.



Buckle up. Midnight Mass is a gothic horror series that Netflix released today. Set in the fictional small town of Salem, the series follows Father Hughes (Kohli), a Christian priest whose encounters with the paranormal don’t exactly go according to plan. In the series’ first trailer, we learn that Father Hughes has decided to take part in the town’s annual Midnight Mass, a practice that’s been plagued by creepy events for decades. But we don’t see him face any of that in this new trailer — he just wakes up on Christmas Day and finds himself in his church alone.


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