Network users revealed ways to get unpleasant odor out of the carpet

Women have revealed methods of getting rid of unpleasant odor and ways to clean carpets. These tips appeared on the Facebook community "Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips".

One social media user asked other users for advice on how to remove stains from her flooring: "Recently I had a few 'accidents' on my carpet. My daughter and cat, who are still not toilet trained, left marks on it. It stinks in my house, and it upsets me a lot. How do I get rid of the smell?"

In response, the woman was advised to use baking soda, as it naturally neutralizes odors. First of all, according to members of the community, you need to abundantly sprinkle wet or already dried stain with it and leave it overnight. Users assured that the next day the powder will completely absorb all the odors. The remains of the soda was advised to remove from the surface with a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, as an alternative, users suggested cleaning the dirt with dishwashing detergent. Another commenter suggested getting rid of the smell with an orange peel. "I just peel an orange and put the peel near the source of the stench. Within two weeks the smell is completely gone! I know it's not the quickest solution to the problem, but it really works!" - she assured me.

Earlier in August, the blogger revealed the cause of unpleasant laundry smell after laundry. Leanne (Leanne) explained that it can occur due to the use of an insufficient amount of laundry detergent. In addition, to solve the problem, the Australian recommended to read the washing machine manual carefully. For example, she read in the manual of her device that it should be washed every 100 washes.


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