New blockchain version Climb Mountain Bitcoin.

The new Climb Mountain video game prototype published by Gamesnext on December 4, 2023:


Climb Mountain

An Exciting New Video Game Merging Adventure and Crypto




Gamesnext, a renowned gaming company, has recently unveiled their latest creation: Climb Mountain. This innovative video game prototype brings together the thrill of an adventurous climb and the excitement of cryptocurrency. Released on December 4, 2023, Climb Mountain allows players to navigate treacherous virtual terrains in search of Bitcoin (BTC) satoshis, collecting them in a digital wallet through blockchain-enabled transactions.


Embarking on a Crypto Adventure:


Climb Mountain takes gamers on an immersive journey where they explore stunning virtual landscapes, overcoming numerous challenges along the way. The goal is to find BTC satoshis scattered throughout the game and accumulate them in a digital wallet.


Blockchain Integration:


What sets Climb Mountain apart from traditional video games is its integration of blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of blockchain, each in-game transaction involving BTC satoshis is processed securely and transparently. This allows players to experience firsthand the potential of decentralized digital currencies and the underlying technology behind them.


Collecting BTC Satoshis:


Throughout the game, players encounter various obstacles, puzzles, and enemies that they must navigate skillfully. As they progress, they can discover hidden areas and secret paths that may lead them to valuable BTC satoshis. The more satoshis they collect, the higher their virtual wealth and status within the game.


Digital Wallets and In-Game Transactions:


Climb Mountain introduces an innovative digital wallet system that allows players to store and manage their collected BTC satoshis. The digital wallet utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the security and immutability of the players' virtual assets. In-game transactions, such as buying upgrades, obtaining power-ups, or exchanging satoshis with other players, are seamlessly facilitated through the blockchain.


Learning While Playing:


Beyond the excitement and adventure, Climb Mountain also provides a valuable educational experience. Players can deepen their understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and digital wallets as they engage with the game's mechanics. This unique integration of entertainment and education makes Climb Mountain an enriching gaming experience for players of all levels.




With the release of Climb Mountain, Gamesnext has successfully merged adventure gaming with the fascinating world of cryptocurrency. The incorporation of blockchain technology and the ability to earn and manage BTC satoshis within the game create an enticing and immersive experience. As players complete thrilling climbs, evade obstacles, and collect valuable satoshis, they gain valuable insights into the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Climb Mountain truly represents the future of gaming, where entertainment and education seamlessly merge in the digital landscape. New technology apply by this game, The era of the Bitcoin was coming Up very fast for this one. Also New Payments, received and send bitcoin in a simple transaction in a Wallet. Remember when we were winning Sats? BTC from the bottom line up. Accumulate btc in your digital wallet with blockchain adapter, super easy did is now available  

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