New horror movies 2021

I would like to present to you a selection of new horror movies of the year 2021.


It is very rare to find cool and scary horror movies, even some of the advertised films (at the expense of the captured moments from the film) do not inspire enthusiasm, much less fear. But in the so-called "average", you can stumble upon really decent horror movies, with no plot whatsoever. And if there are also special effects, so in general the top.


So I will, in such selections, throw in "average" horror movies, and we will decide, after watching them, what to trash and what to top.

1. Stoker Hills - 2021, genre: horror, thriller, detective.

While filming a student film, the lead actress is kidnapped by a strange man in a rusty car. Trying to save her, the girl's friends go after him, but all hell awaits them ahead.


2 Take Back the Night - 2021, genre: horror.

After becoming the victim of a brutal monster attack, Jane embarks on a quest for revenge. But a troubled past that includes drug addiction and mental illness leads those around her to doubt the authenticity of the girl's words, leaving her alone to question her own adequacy.

It Came from Below (Untitled Thriller) - 2021, genre: horror, thriller.

In a death throes delirium, an archaeologist father tells his daughter Jessie that deep beneath the earth lurks a bloodthirsty monster whose existence he has been trying to prove throughout his research career. To discover the truth, the girl, enlisting the support of her friends, sets out in search of the unseen creature, not yet knowing that she will soon become a participant in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse somewhere deep in the unexplored caves.

4. The Forever Room - 2021, genre: horror.

Claire's mother keeps her locked up, convincing her it's for her own good. The girl is tormented by nightmares, she's convinced it's all nonsense and her mother is crazy. Could she be right?      5. The Wild Man : Skunk Ape (The Florida Monster) - 2021, genre: horror.

The Skunk Ape, or Florida Bigfoot, is rumored to have committed several murders in South Florida. A group of enthusiasts set out to make a documentary and get to the bottom of the truth.


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