New JBL headphones

It seems that the days when people were skeptical about wireless headphones are over. Of course, if you compare recordings of reference quality, you can find the difference between Bluetooth and wired on audiophile-level headphones, but for that you have to have everything together, including a person with reference hearing. In other cases, wireless music sounds just as good as wired music. And if it does, you don't even have to think about cables. There are exceptions, and I'll talk about them, but I'd like to say more about the new JBL headphones, a brand that has long been the gold standard in its field. Today we have two models, which we will talk about.The new JBL wireless headphones

The models we want to talk about are called JBL TUNE 710BT and JBL TUNE 760NC. Both work for up to 50 hours without recharging and have a modern design. The latter also has an active noise cancelling function. But first things first - let's start with the first.

The headphones are sold in recognizable boxes.

JBL TUNE 710BT Overview

The JBL TUNE 710BT is sold in a plain box without frills, but with a signature style. On the back of a transparent cutout in the shape of the brand logo, from under which the headphones themselves are visible, and on top of the orange insert. So at the first sight it becomes clear who made these headphones.

The package of the headphones

The content of the box is put in plastic box so that nothing was chattering and rattling. Besides the headphones themselves, in the box you will find a cable for wired connection to the source (I'll tell you later why you need it) and a branded orange charging cable (USB Type-C). There's also a manual and other documentation, but no power adapter. However, none of the serious headphones I've come across have one.

The cable for the wired connection in all models is made in the color of the case. In this case it is not just black, but the same as the headphones.

The headphones themselves are made of plastic and pleasing to the touch eco-leather. The ear cushions and the headband are decorated with it. The size can be adjusted with clicks and it can get pretty big. I have a big head and picking up headphones is a problem for me. The JBL TUNE 710BT fit me. There isn't much room to spare, but I didn't experience discomfort from the lack of headband length either.

The ear cushions are of the over-ear type. The ears do not fit inside and the headphones will lie on them. They may turn out to be full size for kids, but for an adult this is exactly the overhead model.

JBL Partybox On-The-Go: A speaker for those who love to sing.

How does the JBL TUNE 710BT sound

I can not call the sound of the headphones a reference. It is pleasant, quite detailed and it has a distinctive JBL style with an emphasis on bass frequencies, but it should be recalled that these headphones are quite inexpensive, and therefore sometimes they manifest the main problem of affordable models - lack of detail in the middle frequencies. However, we must pay tribute to the engineers of JBL. They did everything they could to minimize this effect, and they succeeded.

Soft quality ear cushions contribute to improved sound quality.

In the end, for a price of about 5000 rubles, we got pretty good headphones that also come in four colors - white, black, pink and blue. And now add to that up to 50 hours of autonomy and fast charging (5 minutes for 3 hours of listening and 2 hours for a full charge) to make it all quite good. For me personally, the only thing missing is the active noise cancellation system. Good thing that's where the JBL TUNE 760NCs come into the picture.

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JBL TUNE 760NC review

Big battery headphones

These headphones have an active noise cancelling system. It will reduce battery life from 50 hours to 35 hours, but that's more than enough too. If you still need more, just turn off the noise cancelling and you can enjoy playback again for about 50 hours. I can't even confirm that figure - that much. If you listen to music for 3 hours a day, the charge will last about two weeks.

These headphones can be listened to for 50 hours. But if you turn on the noise reduction, it's "only" 35 hours.


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