New technologies and the business world

For millennia, human activities, including those relating to business, have not undergone major changes. All technological breakthroughs have always followed one another over the centuries with a minimum leap forward at a time.

All this ended with the industrial revolution, new technologies changed the business world and people's way of life in no time.

By now everyone, some more and some less, belong to this so -called digital culture . A choice not made, which starting from the last two generations is an integral part of everyone's life. The new technologies are real welcome bonuses, which every child born in our day always receives without the slightest effort.

Work, free time, logistics, everything now has new technologies and safety as its central point . You can open an online account with minimal effort from the dedicated mobile app, play online at a casino with a slot machine and be able to access countless games. All in safety, every day and at all times.

Technology on the one hand has helped humanity to improve itself, to have a safer world, faster methods of communication and to have more days off work.

On the other hand, today's world, with 8 billion people, manages to be a lonely place, which certainly does not make them better, but only customers all ready to make a payment and play every day on the website of their casino. online.

The famous assembly line of Chaplin's Modern Times, with a large number of workers working without any security, is disappearing. This is now populated by robots and CNC machines with minimal personnel working safely.


The digital economy

The new companies of the new digital economy are more agile and competitive than in the past, ready to face even radical changes in a very short time. An example of this is the global crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic , which has seen many large and medium-sized companies ready to switch to smart working in a few weeks .


In fact, remote work has highlighted the importance of new technologies both in terms of hardware and software.

Not only managers and employees, who performed the same work done the day before in the company in complete safety from their homes. Participating in meetings with ad hoc software from the kitchen of your home with a mobile device has now become a practice.

Everything can now be ordered by people from home or via mobile, and delivered quickly at home, thanks to apps from their smartphone . According to this article , the Coronavirus pandemic has doubled the internet traffic.


The Digital Transformation

Many Italians believe that Digital Transformation is simply the computerization of a company, hence the introduction of personal computers, mobile devices, servers and computer networks.

These transformations began in the late 1970s and became a standard in the 2000s. On the other hand, Digital Transformation is much more, it is a sort of total change in corporate practices and culture.

New technologies have changed the way of looking for, hiring and training new staff, work and organizational flows. The very figure of the worker has changed, computers and software are now means that transmit information inside and outside the company.


The Internet Revolution

Until a few years ago, several people thought that the web was a simple pastime. Today without the web the world would go haywire, since the information that passes through the internet is a sort of lifeblood for all activities.

The business sector is one of those that has benefited most from the web, and that has undergone a real revolution. In fact, we are now talking about e-business, company sites, and servers that allow you to send e-mails between employees, managers and customers.

The Home page of any company is a showcase, a shop, a warehouse, an office, a place that, even if virtual, is functional like the traditional one.

Through a website, consumers can buy everything, such as:

● food;

● cars;

● new technologies;

● airline tickets;

● clothing.


Employees work in the back office of online sites as if they were working in a warehouse or a showcase of a physical store. Free time follows the rules and times of the internet. On the web you can find and exchange information on your favorite sport, or on your hobby.

Things have also changed when it comes to online gaming. The arcades with pinball machines and videogames have now been supplanted by platforms for multiplayer gaming .

The same applies to traditional casinos such as those in Las Vegas, today it is possible to play poker, roulette, blackjack and slot machines strictly online.


The online game

The video games and online casino industry are among the richest in the world. Thanks to the internet and mobile devices, players from all over the world can play together, try their luck at the casino, or bet on sports. All from the comfort of home, or anywhere via smartphones. Safe online casinos are safe

in Italy thanks to the ADM ex AAMS license , which guarantees safe games and bets . Unlicensed gambling halls should be avoided, as scam online casinos are very common. The gaming, video game and betting industry

they invoice more every year than cinema, streaming and music combined. Individual video games such as Grand Theft Auto V or Minecraft have sold 238 million copies, the famous Tetris more than half a billion.

Safe casinos on the web are certainly no less, in Europe alone the turnover in 2021 was 12.4 billion euros . This has profoundly changed not only the way we do business, but also people's daily habits and activities.



While it is certain that the next boost will be given by robotics and artificial intelligence applied to everyday life. On the other hand, humanity will have to use new technologies to combat pressing problems such as global warming and pollution .

As for the business world, it will be increasingly linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology . As always in the case of an always possible global economic crisis, and therefore uncertain scenarios, the watchwords are adaptability and investments that are not in the very long term.


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