New window 11 came after 6 years

New Windows 11 came after 6 years: From using Android apps on computer to typing with the help of voice, many features have been released. 

Users were waiting for the next generation OS of Windows.


What Is Windows 11?


The world's renowned tech company Microsoft has recently launched the next generation operating system  Windows 11 

After 6 years, Microsoft has launched a new OS.

Windows 11 Feature /Windows 11 Feature?


Microsoft has equipped with many features in the new OS (Windows 11 Feature )

With Windows 11, major changes have been made in the design, interface and start menu.


With the design of Windows 11, Microsoft plans to compete with macOS and Chrome OS. 

So that it will provide more speed, smoother experience to the users than the first window. 

The most important thing about Windows 11 is that it will now support apps running on Android OS as well.

Microsoft has updated its computer operating system after 6 years. 

The name of this next generation Windows is Windows-11. 

Earlier, Microsoft had launched Windows 10 in 2015. 

When will Windows 11 arrive Microsoft says that it will start coming to new computers and laptops by the end of this year. 

Windows-10 users will get the new update for free. So let's know what is new in Windows-11


Windows 11 Feature 


You will get a different start menu than before: – In the new OS, the start menu is different from before. 

Here the tiles have been removed. 

Whereas, the recommended section has been added here. 

The placement of the app is very similar to that of macOS and Chrome OS, though you can change the placement to suit your needs. 

You will also not get to see the live title in the start menu. 

Also, now there will be great connectivity with the phone and users will be able to complete the work of mobile directly in their computer.

Snapgroup:- Here users will get a collection of many apps and it can be accessed directly from the taskbar. 

This feature will help a lot in task switching.


Multitasking Experience:- New changes have been made to make the multitasking experience more fun. 

Now you can activate and use four screens simultaneously with the help of Maximize button. 

Microsoft named it Snap Layouts. 

The most important thing about this feature is that such a feature is not available in any other operating system.

PC to PC Connected Easier:- Connecting one computer to another is now made easy. 

Pro users will now get a high quality experience with the Dock and Undock feature. 

The Microsoft Edge browser has also been changed.


Support of Android Apps: - After the update of Windows 11, the apps of Android Mobile will be downloaded to the PC. 

Android apps will be supported in the new OS. 

Amazon Store will be available in Windows 11, from which users will be able to download apps. 

In such a situation, users will be able to access apps running on Android in Windows 11. 

However, for now there will be limited apps and there will be no Google Play Store. 

Also, you can wirelessly connect to 4K TVs and watch steaming media like Disney Star Plus in Windows 11.

Integration of Microsoft Teams:- Microsoft Teams has been integrated in the new OS. 

That is, users will see this feature with every Windows 11 and it will be easier to connect with others through Teams.


Widgets Feature: - Widgets feature will also be available in the new Windows 11. 

It can also be personalised. 

The company has used AI in this. 

Here users will see other important widgets including Weather.

Now special for gaming: - Windows 11 has been designed better for gaming. 

With this new OS gamers will get the best experience. 

Here the feature of Auto HDR is given. 

It will update the game auto light for better visibility. 

In new windows, due to the reduced load time, they will load faster.


Pass Subscription: - In Windows 11, Game Pass subscription users will get through the Xbox app. 

According to the company, there will not be much money to pay for the Game Pass library. 

More variety will be seen and new games will come every month.

Voice Typing Feature: A new type of touch keyboard has been given in Windows 11. 

To make typing easier, now voice typing feature will be seen here like Android. 

Voice recognition is provided to identify the voice. 

You can type by speaking. 

The company claims that it will write exactly what it says in it. 

It also does auto correction as well.



Speed ​​will increase: – With the update of Windows 11, it will start working at speed as soon as sleep mode is removed. 

Along with this, the searching speed will be increased in Edge and web browser. 

The company says it has been shortened by up to 40%. 

With this, you will be able to easily install in the background. 

With the Direct Storage feature, you can upload games directly to the graphics card. 

This will reduce the time taken for rendering graphics.

Pen and voice support with great touch: - There is a lot of space between the icons so that taps in the right place. 

Can easily resize and move Windows. 

On screen keyboard can be redesigned and customized. 

With its pen, you can operate the features of Windows 11. 

It gives a real pen experience.

Windows 11 Availability, Free Upgrade


Windows 11 It will be available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users later this year and will come pre-installed on new PCs. Windows 7 PC users who want Windows 11 are said to have to purchase a Windows 10 license first. 

and later they can upgrade to Windows 11. 

Although Windows 11 requires them to check their system's hardware configuration RAM, storage, processor In 2022, customers will also have the option to buy Windows 11 at retail and install it on eligible Windows 7 devices.

Windows 11 Minimum Hardware Requirements


Coming to the minimum hardware requirements, Windows 11 will not be as lightweight as Windows 10, as the system will require at least a 64-bit x86 or ARM processor along with at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage to run 

In contrast, Windows 10 requires at least 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.


How to Update Windows 11 Updates


After testing next week, Windows 11 will be available by the end of this year. 

To download it, go to the system's settings and go to Update and Security, follow the process of Windows Update and check for updates. 

Download Windows 11 as soon as you get the update.


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