No smoothies: doctors name the most unhealthy breakfast foods

Morning Desserts
According to Dr. Stankiewicz, people who skip breakfast eat 40 percent more sweets throughout the day than those who eat the right carbs and proteins in the morning, satiating the body with glucose. However, you shouldn't eat a lot of sweets for breakfast either. In the morning, it's best to avoid cereal and granola with lots of sugar, sweeteners and flavorings, as well as freshly baked goods.

- If you want dessert, it's better after your main meal. If you just eat a piece of cake for breakfast, satiety will quickly pass and you'll be hungry again. You will not feel full and your body will not get nutrients," adds Olga Lushnikova, a physician and dietitian. - The function of breakfast is not only to get pleasure from food. First of all, it is necessary to saturate the body and give it everything it needs: complex carbohydrates for energy and strength, protein - the building material, the right fats for a good mood.
According to her, you can eat sweets in small amounts at almost any time of day - except late at night. But in order for it not to harm the figure, you need to remember that products with sugar in their composition should not exceed 5-10% of the total diet.
- If you want to allow yourself a piece of cake after lunch or an afternoon snack - why not. If you fit them into your daily caloric intake," notes the nutritionist.
Recipes from nutritionists
Dietitian Dr. Lushnikova advises making breakfasts complex and as full of nutrients as possible.
- It can be complex carbohydrates, for example, porridge - buckwheat, rice, millet, quinoa, hercules, then protein - a piece of lightly salted fish, you can even herring, turkey or a soft-boiled egg, - says the expert. - You also need healthy fats - oil, with which we dress the porridge (butter or unrefined vegetable - olive, linseed), and fiber.
Dr. Lushnikova advises her clients to eat fish more often in the morning, during which time the body assimilates all nutrients and vitamins faster, including Omega-3, useful for brain function. Fish can be combined with bread, a leaf of salad and any cereal as a side dish.
- Another simple breakfast option is buckwheat with olive oil and herbs, a piece of avocado and a soft-boiled egg. You can also make a healthy sandwich: whole wheat bread, basil pesto sauce, nuts and olive oil, and a piece of roasted turkey. It's quick, tasty and healthy," notes the doctor.
And the coach advises to eat porridges with fruits for breakfast, or scrambled eggs with oil-free fried yeast bread and fresh vegetables. Of drinks is better to choose green tea, morsels or compote. But it is better to exclude packaged juices and sodas from your diet completely.


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