No to markups: the majority of motorists refused to buy a car

More than 70% of motorists are not ready to change cars. The reason for this is the overpricing in car dealerships, which arose on the background of the crisis of electronic components. To the question of the publication "How to change the car, when car dealerships are so expensive?" answered more than a thousand users, and 70.2% gave the answer "no way".

These motorists would prefer to drive the car they have now, just keeping it in working order. In the second largest group were those who were going to buy a new car, but after the official dealers started "screwing huge amounts of money, thought about buying a used car.

However, it should be taken into account that the prices on the secondary market have crept up after the primary market. Many people understand this, and that is why there are very few people, only 10%, who are interested in used cars. And some of those who want a new car, hope to force the dealers to refuse from additional charges - 7.2% chose the answer "I will demand they remove all the dealer's extras".

There are also those who, when buying a new car, would prefer a more modest package or even change the brand to a more budgetary one - 4,8% and 4,1%, respectively, consider such variants.


And only 3.7% are ready to buy cars at the prices at which they are currently displayed in the showrooms. 


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