North Korea showed a new hypersonic missile

A new hypersonic missile, the Hwasong-8, was demonstrated in North Korea. The munition was unveiled in Pyongyang as part of the Self-Defense 2021 exhibition of national defense development.

The image shows the launcher with the new Hwaseong-8 ballistic missile. The appearance of the missile confirms claims of a hypersonic warhead as part of the Hwaseong-8.

The expert stressed that the North Korean missile looks similar to the DF-17 missile, which is in service with the People's Liberation Army of China. "The Hwasong-8 differs from the solid-propellant DF-17 in its liquid-propellant rocket engine with amputated liquid fuel storage.

Nevertheless, this shows a real breakthrough achieved in the creation of the most advanced technology. We can say that the DPRK is now ahead of the United States in hypersonic weapons.


In September, it became known about the tests of a ballistic missile with a hypersonic warhead in North Korea. But the head of the Joint Air and Space Defense Command of North America, U.S. Air Force General Glen Van Herk commented on these tests. The general suggested that the new missile did not pose a threat to the USA.


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