NSE Holidays 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India operates from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays and is closed on weekends. In addition to weekends, it observes specific national and cultural holidays. For the year 2024, these include Republic Day, Mahashivratri, Holi, Good Friday, Id-Ul-Fitr, Shri Ram Navmi, Maharashtra Day, Bakri Id, Moharram, Independence Day, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali Laxmi Pujan, Gurunanak Jayanti, and Christmas. Special holidays include Parliamentary Elections in Mumbai and a special live trading session for intra-day switchover. Certain holidays falling on weekends are also mentioned. Muhurat Trading will be conducted on November 01, 2024. Traders are advised to stay updated with the NSE holiday list to plan their trading activities accordingly.

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India is one of the world’s leading and largest stock exchanges, with a market capitalization of more than US$ 3.4 trillion1. It provides smooth and seamless trading facilities throughout the year1. This article provides a detailed overview of the NSE holidays for the year 2024.

Trading Hours


The NSE operates from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (normal session) on weekdays, offering a trading session of 6 hours and 15 minutes1.


Weekend Holidays


The NSE observes holidays on both Saturdays and Sundays1. During these days, no trading takes place in the equity sector, equity derivative segment, and SLB segment1.


National and Cultural Holidays


Apart from weekends, specific national and cultural holidays also fall under the NSE holiday list1. The NSE Market holidays for 2024 are observed on the following occasions1:


Republic Day: January 26, 2024 (Friday)


Mahashivratri: March 08, 2024 (Friday)


Holi: March 25, 2024 (Monday)


Good Friday: March 29, 2024 (Friday)


Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramadan Eid): April 11, 2024 (Thursday)


Shri Ram Navmi: April 17, 2024 (Wednesday)


Maharashtra Day: May 01, 2024 (Wednesday)


Bakri Id: June 17, 2024 (Monday)


Moharram: July 17, 2024 (Wednesday)


Independence Day/Parsi New Year: August 15, 2024 (Thursday)


Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: October 02, 2024 (Wednesday)


Diwali Laxmi Pujan: November 01, 2024 (Friday)


Gurunanak Jayanti: November 15, 2024 (Friday)


Christmas: December 25, 2024 (Wednesday)


Special Holidays


Indian stock markets will observe a holiday on May 20, 2024 (Monday) on account of Parliamentary Elections in Mumbai1. Also, the NSE will conduct a special live trading session on March 2, 2024 (Saturday) with the intra-day switchover from the primary site to the disaster recovery site in equity and equity derivatives segments1.


Holidays Falling on Saturday/Sunday


Below-mentioned are the Indian stock market holidays that are falling on Saturday/Sunday1:


Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti: April 14, 2024 (Sunday)


Shri Mahavir Jayanti: April 21, 2024 (Sunday)


Ganesh Chaturthi: September 07, 2024 (Saturday)


Dussehra: October 12, 2024 (Saturday)


Diwali-Balipratipada: November 02, 2024 (Saturday)


Muhurat Trading


Muhurat Trading will be conducted on Friday, November 01, 20241. The timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified subsequently1.


In conclusion, the NSE provides a comprehensive list of holidays for the convenience of its traders. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with the NSE holiday list to plan your trading activities accordingly.


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