Nutritionist named the way not to give up alcohol and lose weight

The Australian nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo has named several ways to lose weight without giving up alcohol. Her words leads 7 News.

According to Di Lorenzo, it is important to understand how many calories are in different alcoholic beverages. The most dangerous for the figure are cocktails and drinks containing sweet syrups and soda. For example, the doctor advises drinking gin and soda, not gin and tonic, because the first version has only 83 kilocalories, and the second - 183.

The nutritionist recommends choosing not wine, but dry champagne, a glass of which contains about 77 kilocalories. At the same time, the best choice for those who want to maintain a figure will be tequila - in one shot of the drink only 60 kilocalories. "Another drink that has become very popular lately is Aperol Spritz. Oddly enough, it is better to choose it than wine, since there are only 125 kilocalories in a glass," Di Lorenzo noted. She added that you should not consume more than two or three alcoholic beverages per day.

There should be at least four or five non-alcoholic days a week, the doctor said. Pauses will allow the liver to "rest" and solve the problem of fluid retention in the body. "Wash down each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. This will help avoid the next day's water retention, which causes weight spikes, and prevent dehydration and headaches," she explained.

Di Lorenzo draws attention to the snacks people choose when drinking alcohol. She advises avoiding fried and fatty high-carbohydrate foods and instead eating more protein and vegetables. The nutritionist explains her recommendation by the fact that while drinking alcohol, the metabolism slows down and, as a consequence, extra calories turn into extra pounds.

Earlier it was reported that a British nutritionist Michael Mosley gave some simple rules for weight control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to him, it is necessary at least every half an hour to distract from work and stretch for five minutes to keep a figure.


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