Nutritionists have named ways to fight hunger while dieting

Dietitians from the U.S. told how to fight hunger attacks during diets. Their advice is published by Eat This, Not That!

Nutritionist Dena Gershkovich believes that many people who try to lose weight exhaust themselves with long pauses between meals, and then pounce on fat and sweets. "People make the mistake of giving up snacks. The best method to combat bouts of hunger is to eat regularly and in a balanced way," says the specialist.

Nutritionist Melissa Mitri named a way for weight loss sufferers to alleviate cravings for unhealthy foods. "If you convince yourself that the food you want is 'bad,' it will only increase cravings for it. It's better to allow yourself a little 'forbidden' food once in a while so it doesn't seem like something incredibly appealing," Mitri advises.

Jamie Hickey, a fitness trainer, says that it is important to eat breakfast with protein-rich foods. According to him, a solid breakfast will effectively drown out the signals of hunger, which during the day often lead to snacking on junk food, such as chips and other snacks.

Nutritionist Christina Towle believes that drowning out acute bouts of hunger can be done with tea. "Tea helps soothe a hungry stomach, and increasing fluid levels in the body helps soothe cravings," she says.

Dr. Trista Best recommends avoiding food and drinks from stores that are labeled as diet foods and contain sugar substitutes. "Eating foods with sugar substitutes gives you fewer calories, but studies show that they also cause you to overeat other foods," Best says.

Earlier, endocrinologist and nutritionist Anastasia Tarasko named inexpensive foods to lose weight. She recommends including cottage cheese, turkey and a variety of vegetables in your diet, except those that contain a lot of starch.


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