Oat milk



Pebbles 50 grams

Water 500 ml

Sugar 1 tsp.

A pinch of salt




1.Hercules measure out and pour into a container that can be sealed hermetically.


2.Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. They will act in the oat milk as flavor enhancers and normalize the mineral composition of the milk.


3.Boil the water, cool it to a temperature of 80-85 degrees, and pour the oats - put the lid on the container and leave for the night.


4.Boiled oatmeal with the infusion beat with a blender. If the oat milk will be too thick, you can add an additional 35-50 ml of water.


5.Whipped herbal infusion strain through a sieve.


6.Ready oat milk pour into a clean glass container, until serving, store in the refrigerator no more than three days.


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