On November 1, WhatsApp will be turned off on all outdated smartphones (list of devices)

Since the beginning of November, the problem with access to the messenger will affect more than 40 devices running on both Android and iOS. Thus, users of smartphones with Android version 4.0.4 (and versions released before it) will stop receiving and receiving any messages in WhatsApp. The same result awaits owners of iPhones with iOS 9 installed (and before that), according to the company's website.
Earlier publication DNA has published a list of specific smartphone models of leading brands that will become incompatible with the popular messenger. Check if your gadget is among them - it may have an old version of the OS, if you haven't updated your device for a very long time. If possible, update it to a newer version, so that you definitely do not have problems accessing messenger.

Samsung smartphones that will stop WhatsApp:

    Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite;
    Galaxy SII;
    Galaxy Trend II;
    Galaxy S3 mini;
    Galaxy Core;
    Galaxy Xcover 2;
    Galaxy Ace 2.

Apple smartphones:

    iPhone SE;
    iPhone 6S;
    iPhone 6S Plus.

LG smartphones:

    LG Lucid 2;
    Optimus L5 Dual;
    Optimus L4 II Dual;
    Optimus F3Q;
    Optimus F7;
    Optimus F5;
    Optimus L3 II Dual;
    Optimus F5;
    Optimus L5;
    Optimus L5 II;
    Optimus L3 II;
    Optimus L7;
    Optimus L7 II Dual;
    Optimus L7 II;
    Optimus F6 Enact;
    Optimus F3;
    Optimus L4 II;
    Optimus L2 II;
    Optimus Nitro HD
    Optimus 4X HD.

Huawei smartphones:

    Huawei Ascend G740;
    Ascend D Quad XL;
    Ascend Mate;
    Ascend P1 S;
    Ascend D2;
    Ascend D1 Quad XL.

ZTE smartphones:

    ZTE Grand S Flex;
    Grand X Quad V987;
    ZTE V956;
    Grand Memo.

Sony smartphones:

    Xperia Miro;
    Xperia Neo L;
    Xperia Arc S.

WhatsApp advises users to switch to supported devices or at least save their chat history before disconnecting, so as not to lose all data irretrievably. To find out if your smartphone has a supported OS version, go to Settings -> About device / Phone info -> Software info.


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