One minute organizing

getting organizaed  90% of organization is getting out of your own way think about the beliefs and the behaviors that are contributing to the chaos in your life before you can change anything you got to recognize and accept responsibility for your role and willing to change the thought patterns and habits that are keeping you from achieving your goal if you start to think and act like an organized person you will become one fortunately the more you at the park the more natural it because think about motivation what do you stand to gain from getting organized what do you stand to lose if you don't create a one month plan but she's five things that you most want to organize in the coming months number of these items from highest to Lewis priority at the end of the month you will have not yet accomplished all five tests create a new one month taking immediate action pick a single organization tip from this and do it today or take 5 minute right now to organize your sock drawer make today the day you decide to get organized until somebody about it start each organization session this way she's a space to organize then close your eyes and visualize what the space might look like without clutter and how that would make you feel if you don't have to stop everything to get organized you just have to start make organization a part of your daily life do it first and do it fast do you use to be organized think back what happened between then and now did you move start a family or a new job get married divorced lots of loved one well good news if you were organized at one point in your life you can get organized again believe it start with the most visible clutter for a Sinclair and obvious results will give you a boost of confidence take talk with your family

about why you want to get organized ask them for help you may have to provide some and send it idea establish a bonus allowance or system of rewards to adhering to new household rules plan a family night out after a big declutter project or agree to put your yard money toward a family vacation start with today's match do whatever it takes to keep up with the daily Mail dishes and laundry then set aside a time to catch up commit to spending a set amount of time every day on uncluttering and organizing activities schedule your activity sessions for a time when you are manly fresh make an appointment with yourself and write it down in your daily planner then honor that appointment as you would any other appointment if you obviously cannot do this everyday try to schedule into two three minutes session


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