Onigiraju is a popular rice sandwich in Japan

Onigiraju is a popular rice sandwich in Japan. The dish is a real find for those who love sushi and rolls, but don't know how to cook them carefully.



Sushi rice - 140 Grams.

Water - 280 grams

Smoked tofu - 150 grams

Salt - 0,5 teaspoons

Rice vinegar - 25 grams

Sweet bell pepper - 1 Seed

Cucumber - 1 Seed

Spinach - 10 grams

Nori - 3 pieces


The first thing you need to do is boil the rice. Rinse it until water is clear. Boil the water with the rice on the highest heat, then close the pot with the lid and reduce the temperature to the lowest. Cook the rice under the lid for 15 to 17 minutes.


Mix 25 ml of rice wine vinegar and half a teaspoon of salt. Pour this dressing into the rice and stir well.


Rinse and dry fresh spinach. Slice the tofu into half-inch slices. Cut the cucumbers lengthwise into thin slices. Cut the peppers in half and then slice each half into thin strips.


Place a sheet of nori, smooth side down, put a big spoonful of rice on it. Flatten the rice and shape it into a square.


Place cucumber slices on top. Then spinach. Top with slices of tofu. If anything extends beyond the borders of the rice, you can cut off the excess.


Place slices of red pepper on top of the tofu. The denser they are, the more beautiful oniguradzu will be in the cut.


Put another spoonful of rice on top as the last layer. Then spoon it out and flatten it well.


Moisten the edges of the nori in water and pull them towards the center. Anything that sticks out also soak and press down.


Wrap the oniguirudzu in cling film or foil, pressing down firmly on all sides. Leave them to rest for five minutes, so that the sheets of nori get thoroughly soaked.


Use a sharp knife to cut the oniguirudzu crosswise. After each rice sandwich, rinse the knife in cold water for best results. It's best served with teriyaki or soy sauce. Enjoy!


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