original martial arts college from Indonesia PPS PANDAWA

original martial arts college from Indonesia PPS PANDAWA

PPS PANDAWA or the abbreviation of PANDAWA Pencak Silat College, which means PANDAWA itself is an abbreviation of Sundanese: Pamili Anu Nungtut Di Alajar Walagri Ati, the center of its establishment is the city of Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. .pPS PANDAWA or commonly called PANDAWA is one of the original culture of the State of Indonesia, in the form of special movements and breathing to achieve one goal of PANDAWA itself, which is to form human beings who are WALAGRI ATI. .What is meant by Walagri Ati Man is a human who thinks, acts, and behaves holy.


..The forerunner and presence of "PPS PANDAWA" which has scientific origins from the Center for Education in Lengkong, Tasikmalaya, West Java, cannot be separated from the existence of "Paguron Abah Abad" in ancient Lengkong. .even the basic moves taught at the College, namely: "Getret, Cimande and Tantungan Leuleus" have become the main moves taught in PPS PANDAWA until now. .The paguron was led by Abah Abad and his students at that time included: Abah Kanta (Abah Abad's representative), Abah Salnan, Achdi Subadi, Lili, Wachdi, Aceng, Udin, Oo Taryo, Endo, Uwar Suwarna, Djayo, Sukirman, Komir , Nyunyu, Andi, Doyo, Wachyan, and others.


.In 1935 the idea emerged to name the college "PPS PANDAWA" which was based on 5 (five) college cadres at that time, which was initiated by: Abah Salnan, Achdi Subadi, Kanta, Aceng and Udin. .in the next development, still in 1935, to avoid the cult of the individual, the orientation of the name PANDAWA was not to the 5 elders / cadres at that time, but more directed to the development / formation of humans who are clean-hearted, physically and mentally healthy, so the name PANDAWA.interpreted as an abbreviation of "Pamili Anu Nungtut Dialajar Walagri Ati".it was initiated by Abah Salnan, Achdi Subadi, Uwar Suwarna, Oo Taryo and Endo.In 1975 Abah Abad, Abah Kanta, Udin and Enceng moved from Lengkong, so the college was fully entrusted to Abah Salnan, Achdi Subadi, Oo Taryo, Uwar Suwarna and Endo to continue to develop until now.


.On Sunday, May 18, 2003 the PANDAWA PPS Management Center was moved from Lengkong, Tasikmalaya, West Java to Sidoarjo, East Java, and the general chairman at that time was Bp. Drs. H. Achmad Sholeh, MM.


.on Friday, 03 February 2012 the handover of the central management was held, which was then held by Bp. H. Hadi Soewito, S.E


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