Ornamental rabbits

In general, it is not difficult to keep such a pet. Decorative rabbits are unpretentious, funny, reminiscent of a revived plush toy.


The advantages of keeping these animals:


These cute animals very quickly and easily get used to people, are not afraid of cats and dogs.

It is not difficult to accustom a rabbit to the litter box.

When walking around the apartment, there is no danger that the animal will chew on the furniture.

When a rabbit is in a cage or aviary, it is quiet and not noisy.

Bathing is done infrequently, as needed.

Outdoor walks are not necessary, walks around the apartment under the supervision of the owners are sufficient.

The cost of keeping these animals is low.

A soft, gentle coat is an excellent sedative.

The life cycle of these rabbits is long enough - 5-7 years.

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to keeping decorative rabbits:


The need for daily care - to trim the nails, scratching the hair.

Periodic maintenance of the aviary or cage to avoid unpleasant odors.

A very difficult period is molting. Extra attention will have to be paid to grooming.

They often have stomach aches and bloating and even diarrhea.

The cage size for keeping pets is a decent size.

These cute animals do not always have a gentle nature. If he does not like something, he will start to kick.

Another disadvantage can be attributed to the mandatory vaccination.

This pet can bring a lot of joy to its owners, it is playful and loves communication. The positive emotions that give these fluffy animals outweigh all the disadvantages.


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