Our imperfections make us unique

We all are running these days after perfection. But how many of us really know that its our imperfections that define us. 

Every one of us are unique in our own ways but unknowingly we want to compete for the same achievements.

Suppose in a class of 20 students. Each students will have one unique talent in them but all will have to run for that same marks and same goals of becoming a doctor or engineer or some profession that would earn them money. 

Its not wrong for preparing yourself to earn money. Without money we cannot live our lives so its very very important but we have to keep in my that if we run to score those 100 percent marks and become a doctor or other professions then thousands of people will already be standing in the queue. 

Hence if we dedicate our lives on something that we actually stand out in, then we can gain that attraction from the society. 

Sometimes we face lots of criticization for not having a lavish home to live, a lavish car, bank balance. These are our imperfections . So lets not get worried about it. Our imperfections are those factors which actually forms our uniqueness in the society. 

If my friends have Lambergini , my goal should not be to own a Lambergini. Then my whole life will go but I will not get a Lambergini. The only aim in my life is not just to buy a Lammbergini . 

Every body wants to lead a happy life, with sufficient food to eat, sufficient clothes to wear and a shelter to live in. But we often forget this three basic requirements in our lives. We run after big things and when we do not get them we are unhappy. 

Firstly none of us are perfect. Their is a definition of ‘perfect’ given by the society. But we should not run after that definition. Rather we should concentrate on being that ‘ imperfect’ soul that we are. But we can groom ourselves on the talents that we possess.  Its actually those imperfections that gives a competition top the society. But unknowingly we want to get rid of those imperfections only.  So ewe end up being a fool. When we want to get rid of the imperfections in us, its actually preventing ourselves from achieving our destiny.  

We should never try to shed off our imperfections or something that is not usual in us. This is something that we possess uniquely by ourselves. So thats somethingg which we are gifted with by birth. Lets meet with real selves and never try denying that nobody is perfect without their imperfections. Our imperfections are something that gives a definition to our personalities.  Lets shout alous our imperfections and lets deserve an applaud for all our imperfections if not by others then why not by ourselves only? 

So we got to accept our flaws and imperfections and give a fight to the world, with all those imperfections only. And that can really bring about the best version of ourselves. 


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