Our world is programmed

Our world is programmed.

I dare to assert that our world is programmed, and I believe it makes sense to elaborate on this topic and explain why I am convinced of this, and why you should see it that way as well. Let's touch upon mercantile interests today 😊

And since my reasoning will willy-nilly touch the worldview of militant materialists, before I start, I will introduce a few reservations.

Speaking of the programmatic nature of the world, it is only fair to postulate my complete conviction:

"Our world is absolutely programmatic and material. And all matter is informational and energetic.

So, yes, I am also a farcical materialist, with only one exception: I admit the existence of matter where modern science does not want to admit it in any way, and my conviction in programmatic nature of everything and everything automatically puts me into the category condescendingly defined by the same science as a "creationist", because the existence of programs implies the existence of external programmer, and this, of course, is pseudoscientific, as we cannot prove an intelligent design in an empirical way. I do not consider myself as such, because I recognize evolution and deny the supernatural, but...

Gentlemen supporters of the "big bang". I'll have still questions to you, I'll declare them in separate video, but within the limits of this series of a podcast I want to warn you at once that I will assert existence of the reasonable idea of an origin of the Universe, so if similar "pseudoscientific heresy" causes you a surge of cortisol - save your nerves and stop listening further. It is better to hang some pertinent label at once, as modern scientific community likes to do. If you are ready to admit, at least as a hypothesis, other beliefs different from yours, and to hear their argumentation (as should be, according to my understanding, in healthy, not overgrown with dogmas and aspiring to knowledge science), then please, listen and welcome to comments with your arguments.

And the last reservation: the further text is not a scientific research, but simply a chain of my logic reflections which have arisen as a result of the analysis of the received knowledge and personal experience, and it has quite an applied character called to improve quality of life of everyone, even if remains for many people as "a pseudoscientific hypothesis".

So. It really amazes me, how it is possible not to notice the programs manifested everywhere? Judge for yourself: day replaces night, spring replaces winter, development of a fetus of any living being goes according to a precise algorithm, and any deviations are perceived as a failure or anomaly. Even so urgent today's natural cataclysms are cataclysms and anomalies, because they are not the norm. Take the microcosm: molecules are structured into clear, well-described mathematical objects. Cells function with enviable cyclicity, and even at school we are drawn a parallel between them and a huge factory or even a city. A clear geometry and continuity of "little in great and vice versa" is tracked everywhere, especially with the development of fractal geometry. And in general, the possibility to describe absolutely everything by mathematical apparatus does not lead to the conclusion that all this appeared, existed for billions of years and evolved just by chance?

But okay, the human mind is such an interesting substance that it will successfully justify and provide convincing evidence for any idea it wants to believe. And this is as true in my case as it is in the case of generally accepted versions. So, even assuming that I have convinced myself of this obviousness, let us consider this dilemma on a different plane: the practical. I promised you mercantilism!

Try these two versions on yourself. Everything happened by chance. In the stream of billions of years, a series of coincidences led to a chain of coincidences, which in some unusually small way, according to probability theory, contributed to the creation of evolving systems. Moreover, a very important fact: they evolve absolutely senselessly! After all, there was no design, everything happened by chance. I close my eyes to the randomness of evolution processes themselves and complexity of systems due to allegedly repeated interaction of these systems, let us assume that at some point randomness gave way to certain regularities. But this does not exclude the fact that all this complexity, much incomprehensibility, all this splendor and evolution makes no sense at all. The Universe appeared just like that and evolves just like that.

This is especially true for the system called "sentient man". This moment of his life on a cosmic scale - what was it for? He appeared as a consequence of chance out of nowhere, lived 60-80 years for no reason and went nowhere. All this art, achievements, aspirations "faster, higher, stronger", emotions, experiences, the same scientific discoveries - what is it all for? For posterity? And what do they need it for? In order to live more comfortably? To develop, what for? Where is the sense?

Doesn't it remind you of anything? Our modern society. Please, admire the product of the common philosophy of "the randomness of all things.


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