Overdose Cases On Overdose Day

International Drug Overdose Day was marked by sobering numbers across the country. Last year marked the deadliest on record. In Fort Wayne Indiana through July, nearly 800 non lethal drug overdoses were recorded. 

84 deaths were attributed to overdoses. Fentanyl has caused a large amount. There's a growing problem of Fentanyl being mixed with Methamphetamine. The fake pills are passed off as Perc 30's, and or Xanax . 

These overdoses cause mental breakdowns and mental disorders it's a proven fact. It has ruined millions of lives. Children are particularly at risk for accidental overdose, accounting for over one million poisonings each year from drugs, alcohol, and other chemicals and toxic substances. People who suffer from depression and who have suicidal thoughts are also at high risk.

Accidental drug overdose may be the result of misuse of prescription medicines or commonly used medications like pain relievers and cold remedies. Symptoms differ depending on the drug taken.


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