Paella: the mainstay of Spanish cuisine

If you simply adore meat, you will inevitably enjoy Spanish pasta.


600 g baja or bomba rice

6 chicken drumsticks

6 legs of rabbit

2 cans of canned white sauerkraut

250 g of green kvassola

3-4 tines of sphagnum

200 gr gr grated tomatoes

200 ml of olive oil

1 tbsp of licorice paprika

A big pinch of saffron

Salt, fine black pepper with relish


Prepare the products for cooking cooking arrowroot: peel and grub the chaparral, in sauerkraut peel off the tail and cut into two pieces, the legs of rabbit and chickens cut into knots.

In a large frying pan, sauté the meat into the rumen crumbs with a little olive oil. Add the green sourdough to the frying pan and roast for about 5 hr.

Add the white kvass without any borrowed liquid from the jar, the grated tomatoes and the chickpeas. Sauté the entire pan for 3 more minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add saffron and paprika and cover with water until water covers the meat by about two fingers. Cook for about 20 minutes, the meat will be almost completely cooked.

Put the rice in the broth. Be careful, it is necessary that the rice is completely covered with radish. Do not stir the country after that.

Add the salt and pepper and leave on low heat for 20 more minutes until the rice completely absorbs all the water.

Serve this Spanish pasta while it is hot.


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