Paid surveys: a significant additional income

Hi there ! In this article I intend to explain to you how to earn some money on the internet thanks to paid survey sites.



The basics of paid surveys



What is that ?

There are a multitude of sites that allow you to earn a little money by participating in paid surveys. These sites have been around since the early 2000s (the arrival of the internet to put it simply) and are constantly evolving, so much so that there are now around fifty serious panels.

How it is work?

But serious does not necessarily mean interesting and profitable, I intend to give you some of the best sites to start in good conditions.




The main strength of survey sites is their simplicity. Indeed, at least 90% of them work in the same way, namely:


Register on the site

Complete your panelist profile (not mandatory but highly recommended)

Wait to receive surveys on your email address or directly on the site (it depends on the sites)

Withdraw your winnings via PayPal or other as soon as the payment threshold is reached


This is what you will have to do on the vast majority of these sites, rather easy, isn't it?




What possible gains ?

The title says that it is possible to earn 200€ per month, and I insist on the “possible”!


Indeed, many will not have the time or the desire to reach this sum, and this is completely understandable. To put it simply, the gains depend mainly on your motivation. A motivated and organized person will have no trouble earning more than €150 per month .


The reward for a survey varies from 0.50€ to 3€ . It is rare to find surveys yielding more because it would not be beneficial for the institutes. Remuneration often depends on the length of the survey. A 5 minute survey will pay less than a 20 minute survey, logical.


Some survey sites also offer you to be paid as a gift! Accumulate points thanks to surveys and transform them into gifts offered on the site!




Means of payment

The panels pay their members as soon as they reach a payment threshold generally between €5 and €10. A low payment threshold is not synonymous with better site quality. It just allows you to receive your payment more quickly and subsequently on a more recurring basis.


Depending on the sites, different ways of collecting your winnings will be offered to you:



Gift cards (Amazon, Zalando…)

Checks and bank transfers

And some sites will offer you a catalog to exchange your points for various gifts.


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