Pansamotan Fried Rice (Recipe)


■》2 cloves of garlic

■》1/2 onion leek

■》1 carrot

■》5 fish balls

■》2 eggs

■》1/4 cup small prawns

■》1/4 cup small corn

■》2-3 servings of cold rice

■》1/2 tsp salt

■》1 tbsp sesame oil

■》1 tbsp soy sauce

■》2 tbsp oyster sauce

how to cook it:

 Finely chopped garlic, onion and diced carrots, thinly sliced ​​scallions fish meatballs, cut into 4 parts then beat 2 eggs - heat the oil, fry the onions and garlic until fragrant, add shrimp and fish balls then fry for 3 minutes - add carrots and corn., fry until carrots withered - add rice, mix well season with salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, mix well Pour the egg liquid then fry until the egg mixed with rice, sprinkle with spring onions ready to be served, very appetizing for children really like this fried rice.

lets cooking mom's 😘😗


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