Password words that control the world and energy around. I will give an example and give specific keys

Here are some examples of how the system works:

For example, you hit, and the pain does not go away. You say the key-password "change" and your subconscious mind does everything by itself to make the pain go away. To find something, you have to say “find”. The subconscious mind will itself lead you to this thing. Or it will simply tell you that your searches are in vain, since this thing is at work or just in another place (apartment, car, etc.).

Or you need to fall asleep - say "around" and your subconscious mind will calm your mind so that it relaxes.

Or, here's a very useful thing. You are standing at a bus stop and cannot leave. Say "forward" and you will get a vehicle. Be it a bus, a gazelle. And when you strongly develop this password, then the car may stop and you will be given a ride with a breeze for free. From personal experience. Once I was leaving a volleyball competition and I had to go home. I passed the intersection, while looking in all directions. Of course, there were no buses or minibuses. I went to the bus stop and said "forward". Half a minute later, around the corner, a bus pulled out of the ground, and I calmly drove home.

If something doesn't work out for you, don't despair. Everything will work out, the main thing is faith. At first, I did not really succeed either. The main thing is not to treat the system as coincidence. So I said "change" and the pain went away. But that was by itself. Denying something in magical art will get you nowhere. If you do not believe in magic, then you will never use magic either. Just trust that everything will work out.

There are many passwords, although you may not find something specific (you really need) among them.

And finally, here is a list of passwords for the subconscious:

  • To get new ideas - go ahead
  • To quit smoking - count
  • To teach to write patiently - to cluck
  • To stay or appear young right away - knowledge
  • To become a good mechanic, consider
  • To get rid of bad habits - away
  • To get the job done on time - done
  • To breathe - oh
  • To win the competition - fight
  • To hinder your opponent - fight
  • To abstain from something is the end
  • Move to show energy
  • To turn failure into success - enthusiasm
  • To remember something - custody
  • To find a lost item - find
  • To keep someone from creating problems for others - to push away
  • To get rid of the concern - push back
  • To get rid of evil thoughts - push aside
  • To sell - present
  • To gain experience - observe
  • To love reading - rate
  • To maintain health - be
  • To be nice to others - small
  • To come up with something - to find
  • To get rid of constipation - turn
  • To stop drinking - save
  • To heal wounds - by myself
  • To find a way out - done
  • To get rid of remorse - tomorrow
  • To stop being offended - thank you
  • To provide a means of transportation - forward
  • To smile - the name of a person who smiles often
  • To straighten your back - the name of a person who is always slim
  • To feel enthusiasm - the name of an enthusiast you know
  • To get rid of excessive vulnerability - dive
  • To stop sulking - put it aside
  • To do something unpleasant - adapt
  • To get rid of melancholy - attention
  • To start following a good example - now
  • To stop criticizing - praise
  • To strengthen willpower - done
  • To get rid of loneliness - be
  • To overcome inertia - move
  • To avoid need or debt - push back
  • To increase ambition - forward
  • To avoid delay - done
  • To inspire - for
  • To create an advertisement for something - intrigue
  • To maintain good health - stretch
  • To make an advertisement for yourself - funny
  • To get the speck out of the eye - change (change)
  • To get rid of pain in any part of the body - change (change)
  • To get someone to be polite - small
  • To convince someone - turn on
  • To avoid all sorts of dangers - protect
  • To become beautiful and pleasant - praise
  • To get good taste - imitate
  • To keep a secret - forever
  • To fall asleep - around
  • To build something - to put
  • To dress better - spend
  • To calculate the percentage - add
  • To find out the secret - wait
  • To improve your telepathic abilities - between
  • To swim - finish
  • To succeed - patience
  • To avoid distraction - attention
  • To form character - hold
  • To avoid a split personality - uncle
  • To become more resilient - finish
  • To learn to anticipate - slower
  • To calm the mind - be
  • To build - forward
  • To become a leader - take
  • To make a lot of money - count
  • To become bolder - hesitation
  • To know the future - listen
  • To do the impossible - foresee
  • To do something - together
  • To get rid of an inferiority complex - directly
  • To be a good speaker - do it.
  • To be successful at work - in person
  • For children to be obedient - collect
  • To find common language with people - together
  • To be polite - affectionate
  • To finish small things - next
  • To get someone's attention - a hole
  • Create a project - intriguing
  • To appear rich - spend
  • To seem educated - classic
  • To help others - to give
  • To get rid of the bragging - lie

At first, it will probably be bad for you, since all the mechanisms are inoperative, but if you believe and apply, they will come into working form.


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