Pasta carbonara cooking tips

Despite the fact that pasta Carbonara is one of the most popular dishes in restaurants around the world, few people know that Carbonara is not pasta, it is the name of the sauce. Almost any kind of pasta can be served with Carbonara sauce. Pasta is an Italian dish. Pasta is what Italians refer to as pasta in Russia. The difference is that the dough for pasta is made from flour of coarse grinded hard, called this flour Semolina.


Another common misconception is that Carbonara is made from carbonara. In fact, it is made from pancetta - Italian bacon got its name from the word carbon, which also means coal. The fact that this dish has come to us from the Italian coal workers. They worked in the mines, and due to the fact that coal dust was flying in the air it settled on everything they ate, including pasta carbonara. To pay tribute to the original, now in restaurants this dish is sprinkled with grated Parmesan and ground black pepper.


So let's get to it.

You can use


both homemade and purchased pasta (I recommend De Cecco)




-Pasta (spaghetti, linguini, tagliatelle - any) - 100 grams (dry or 150 homemade fresh);

-Bacon - 100 grams;

-ground black pepper - a small pinch;

-White dry wine - 20 grams (optional);

-Cream 33% - 150 grams;

-egg yolk - 2 pcs;

-Parmesan cheese - 20 gr.




- Cook the pasta in salted water, for 1 part of pasta 10 parts of water, for cooking time see instructions on the package (or 1-2 minutes less if you want al dente - on the tooth), homemade fresh pasta cooks for about 2 minutes;


- in a hot pan, fry the bacon for about 2 minutes without oil or salt, because it is salty and greasy;


- add white wine to the pan and boil it all the way down, this is done to enhance the taste of all the ingredients and add a light tinge of wine to the dish;


- then add cream (if the wine does not evaporate completely, the cream may curdle) and allow to simmer for about half a minute, until it begins to thicken;


- mix the sauce with the cooked pasta, remove from the heat, add the egg yolks and stir vigorously once it has stopped boiling;


- Serve with a sprinkle of grated parmesan and black pepper.


Enjoy Enjoy!


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