Pavel Durov named 3 most undervalued things in the world and 7 most overvalued

3 unappreciated things

Sleep. It boosts immunity, creativity, and psychological well-being.

Nature. It is the environment in which we are biologically designed to feel good.

Solitude. Being alone gives you the freedom to make spiritual and intellectual breakthroughs. 


7 Overrated Things.

Big cities. They are sources of pollution, crime and noise. It's good to have access to their resources, but it's advisable to live outside their borders.

Restaurants. They offer the slowest and least efficient way to eat. Home cooking allows for a healthier diet and more control over ingredients.

Hot weather. Sunny weather can lead not only to relaxed behavior, but also to a risk of cancer and aging faster. Cooler temperatures, on the other hand, clarify the spirit, body and mind.

Fashion. This endless quest to conform to ever-changing trends is expensive and unnecessary. Comfortable clothes make life easier and make room for important things.

Real estate. Buying it often limits choices and is a questionable investment. Renting gives more freedom to move around and explore different locations.

Social media. The incessant stream of garbage cluttering our minds reduces our happiness and creativity. Disconnecting from Internet services is the best thing we can do on any given day.

Celebrity Tips. Famous people often give unsubstantiated advice outside of their field of expertise. For everything that matters in life, it is best to rely on accurate science and expert opinion.


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