Peanut paste recipe

There are different types of peanut pastes: salty, spicy, sweet and crunchy. The main ingredient in even chocolate pastes is peanuts. It is easy to prepare such a paste at home.



- Peanuts - 0.5 Kilogram

- Honey - To taste (optional)


1. First, we need to dry the peanuts in the oven, so that then it is easy to peel them. To do this, put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

2. After that, allow the peanuts to cool completely. Rub the peanuts between your fingers, this way you can easily remove the husks.

3. now put the peeled peanuts in a blender, start chopping them at full power.

4. Immediately the nuts will begin to form into crumbs, but gradually begin the process of homogenization. Oil will be released, which will help turn the crumbs into a puree-like tender mass.

5. If this does not happen, or if you think that the mass is getting the right consistency, add to the nuts, for example a couple of tablespoons of honey, or a little water, or just a little vegetable oil. But, this is most often unnecessary, because during the grinding process, enough oil is released from the peanuts for the mass to begin to take on a mushy consistency.

6. Put the resulting paste into a glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

7. Any chocolate paste is made on the basis of peanuts with the addition of chocolate or cocoa. This homemade peanut paste is great with any baked goods, cookies and even regular bread.


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