Phantom Second Dimension Attackers

A young girl was eaten away by an invisible creature in broad daylight in front of many witnesses. There are cases like this all over the world. Are they residents of another dimension that goes on our level for reasons known only to them?


At noon, on May 10, 1951, the streets of the Philippine capital Manila were full of passersby, as officials were taking a lunch break at the time. In the middle of the biggest crowd, on Rizal Avenue, a young dark-skinned girl called for help, waving her arms as if he were defending herself against something. Passersby around her stopped in amazection, and then moved on, because there was no one next to the young woman, she seemed to be defending herself against an invisible assailant!? She still cried out loud: 'Help me, I beg you, don't you see that he wants to kill me!'
The people around her were just shaking their heads and probably concluding that this was a person who had certain mental problems. Then the girl, as if she had managed to break away with someone's hands for a moment, ran through the crowd, then screamed in horror: 'He bit me!' On a pale and half-unconscious woman, passersby really saw clear teeth marks on the skin and a wound from which blood flowed. At that moment, new bites followed, and one of the watchers, convinced that the girl was hysterical, suggested that she be taken to the nearest police station.
Along the way to the station, the young Filipino woman twitched painfully three more times, and new teeth marks appeared on different parts of her body. When she got to the police, both her arms and legs were bloodied. A doctor arrived urgently and began questioning the unfortunate girl. He found out her name was Clarita Viljanova, that she was eighteen, that she lived with his aunt and that she worked hard as a nurse. Examining the wounds, the doctor listened to her story as suddenly, out of nowhere, some scary man appeared, threw himself at her as she got dressed and bit her in several places. She tried to save herself by running out into the street, but he followed her there, too.
Now sure he had a sick person in front of him, the doctor, however, supposedly asked the girl what this man looked like. She told him: 'He was small, horrible, big-eyed. He had something like pelerina and huge white teeth on him.' Even when the man who accompanied the girl to the police station said he had not seen any assailants, the doctor explained to the officer on duty in half his voice that the girl was epileptic and had bitten herself at the time of the attack. The experienced policeman, accustomed to noticing the essential details, just spun his head pointing at the neck of the girl who was attacked and asked the doctor: 'How could she bite herself behind her back by the neck?

As now both the doctor was confused and amazed to hear, before their eyes the girl screamed and made movements as if he were scrambling to shout that the monster was there again and attacking her again. The doctor ran to her in order to prevent her from hurting herself, but he saw new wet bites on her cheeks and shoulder. He called another doctor, so they decided to transfer Clarenta to the hospital, and the officer informed Mayor Manila Arseni Laskon.
While an ambulance carried her to the hospital a quarter of an hour later, the unfortunate girl was still fighting the invisible assailant. In a special room of psychiatric ward, the scene was repeated several more times, even in the presence of a doctor, mayor and archbishop of Manila. Dr. Marijana Lara referred for urgent analysis the trachea saliva left at the site of the bite, and she showed that not only does it not belong to Klarita, but it is not at all human or any known origin!?


In Maya of 1876, on a street in the Kinse town of Nanking, beings invisible to the human eye attacked passersby, dragged them by the hair and made other discomforts. There was a great panic, from Nanking to Shanghai there was only talk of 'elves getting their hair cut', and the whole phenomenon lasted more than three years. however, similar events in this country were noted in the vemas of the Vei dynasty, in 517 and 477 BC!
In the 17th century, phantoms visited Paris, and the Mare di Tampl neighborhood, starting in March 1623, had a bad reputation for a long time. Writer Čarl soft in the book 'Unusual Experiences and Mass Panic', described how in this part of the Grancu capital due to invisible attackers no man could ever work into his strength anymore, no matter how big it was, and the chastity of the girls was particularly threatened. People avoided even passing by, they went to live as far away from there as possible, and there was talk of a total of six phantoms lurking careless.

If this Paris case can be suspected because there is not enough credible and reliable information that the attackers were indeed invisible, what happened in Japan in 1890 left its mark in the press, which wrote extensively about the panic that arose because the phantom left cuts on people's necks. America hasn't stayed away when it comes to 'invisible phantom' attacks either. Thus, in 1850, 20-year-old Hari Felps from Stratford, whose father was a doctor, became the target of a stumble of mysterious beings. The phantom creature persistently threw stones at him, lifted him to the ceiling, and on one occasion even threw him into a well, and on another occasion, in the presence of his parents, twisted him and threw him into the treetops.
Encounters with invisible wraiths didn't always end happily, or just with teeth marks on the body. The terrifying case was noted in 1761, when five women near the place of Ventimilia, Italy, were returning from a swamp where they were picking reeds. One suddenly moaned and fell to the ground. At the same moment, others saw an incredible sight that caused them panicked fear. The wards and dresses of an unfortunate friend were scattered all over the place, the woman had injuries on her head so that in some places you could see the stripped skull, her stomach was open, one leg was torn off and the other was broken!
April 1922, they brought a man with a serious neck injury to Londosnk Hospital in Cherhura Cross. He was hit the neck as he walked down the street, so he couldn't hold his feet. An hour later, they brought another with the same injury and the same story, and not long after the third! On Decembra in the same year, London was once again under siege by invisible harassers. Some man intercepted girls in different parts of the city, cut a tuft off their heads, and then mysteriously disappeared in front of the eyes of passersby who would rush to protect unknown women. A similar experience was had in 189 by the native Dag from Ontario, Canada. Their little girl was suddenly pulled by the braid, so it was completely ripped from her head. At the same time, the boy said something invisible was groping him on the head. The stunned mother noticed that more strands had already been cut off to the theme.

'The incredible experiences of the children of Pirado Žile', is the title of a booklet printed in 1800 in which the case of a boy whose face his parents saw traces of teeth on, after an attack by a phantom being. his sister was held by the neck by the invisible in front of the eyes of the neighbor, and at the place of pressure they saw a dent. He proceeded to drag her in circles, slap her and push her. After about 20 minutes, about five people had their hands bitten off, with marks of sharp teeth and more wet saliva. One or more of the judges' attacks of unseen creatures occurred in 1960 when the victim was Jimmy de Bruin, a worker on a farm in America. During the official investigation on this occasion, Jimmy began to moiling in pain, and on the legs on which he had short pants, there were cuts from which he could not defend himself. The next day, a wound resembling a cut by a barber or scalpel appeared on the chest under the shirt, which remained intact. The attacks on him lasted several days.
Invisible weapons of also invisible assailants are not just teeth, scissors, scalpels or poles. 'Phantom snipers' are also known, whose noiseless bullets ended up in the bodies of the victims against the clothes they had on were not damaged! In the first case, the police might have suspected that the dead man's bodies had been replaced, but two more corpses were found with wounds under the eel? In Beringen, Germany, back in 1875, a villager was wounded in the arm with a bullet from an antique rifle while in the company of several housemates he went behind a cart.


The case of the young Filipino woman is one of the best documented, as it was published by all the Philippine press, as well as numerous interviews with Dr. Marijana Lara. Clarita Viljanova has already completely calmed down since the evening of the fateful May 10th, and the doctor had to note that the girl does not suffer from any psychological disturbances. She stayed in the hospital until her wounds healed. and after that, she never encountered an invisible inconsuff. Who was the ugly little man in the pellet, with the huge white teeth?
Dr William Softel - a serious British scientist - did not hesitate to deal with such confusing cases. After research in the field of parapsychology, he concluded: 'The impression is that everything we call invisible is inhabited by beings capable of showing themselves to the people they choose. Maybe they're beings inhabiting a parallel world with us, or wandering the deceased?'
Dr Softel cited the example of so-called 'outnumbered' people in photographs, especially at family celebrations, when, after developing the film, family members also see their long-deceased relatives in pictures. The famous explorer of the occult, Charles V. Lidbriter, author of the books 'Astral World' and 'Heavenly World', in the first book he talks about the deceased who inhabit the lower astral, and this is about the sens of cruel and cruel beings, murderers and suicides, and often about 'vampires' who, to prolong their own existence in that world, draw and take away the energies of the living.
According to him, these atral beings, in cases where they can not find suitable mediums, perform manifestations such as throwing stones, ringing or the like. In the chapter on nonhuman inhabitants, of which there are also on the astral, Lidbiter states that if for some reason they want to, they create a temporary body from astral matter, and if we do come into contact with them, it is then on a purely physical plane. That lu are phantoms who bite, bite, throw stones, or even fire invisible weapons, really inhabitants of the astral world? It's still a big mystery.


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