Phone is not 100% charged! Try these powders to keep the battery for a long time; Here are five tips

While Apple's iPhones have many advantages, they have long been blamed for the battery.  When used for a while, the phone will be empty.  There are a lot of trolls coming up from time to time in connection with this.  You may also be experiencing this problem.  The lithium-ion batteries in today's models have been improved compared to the older models.  However, no permanent solution has been found.  The quick discharge of the phone can be counteracted to some extent by applying some powders.  Here are five very simple tips like that.


1.The first of these is to reduce the screen brightness.  One of the main reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery is the brightness of the screen of the phone.  It is better for the phone and your eyes to use less of the brightness of the screen except when it is not very necessary.  But using too little light is not good for the eyes.  Excessive brightness can cause the charge to run out quickly.  Experts say that keeping the brightness of the screen at 65-70% will protect the phone from running out of charge quickly.  But in very low light rooms the brightness can be kept even lower.


2.The next thing is to charge.  No one will be deducted from the charge until 100%.  Some people even insist that the phone charge should always be between 80 percent and 100 percent.  There are a lot of people who have the habit of running away and charging even when it is below 70 per cent.  But studies show that charging iPhones 100 percent can actually damage the phone's battery.  That means the habit of fully charging the phone is not good.  This will affect the life of the battery.  It is best to stop charging when it reaches 80 percent.  It should not be used as such until it reaches zero percent.  Leaving the phone off after charging can also adversely affect the battery.



 3. If you rely on mobile data to use the internet, it will also reduce the phone's charge faster.  If Wi-Fi is available, using Wi-Fi instead of relying on a mobile network will help keep the charge down.  Wi-Fi uses very little battery.



 4. Battery optimization is another way to help control the usage of your phone's battery charge.  It is available not only on iPhone but also on other smartphones.  Some apps on our phone require more battery to run.  Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and WhatsApp need more charge to work.  Avoiding all these is something that is not even a dream now.  All of these should be used but the charge should not be too low.  There is a way to do that.  Implement battery optimization for all these apps.  You can see this feature by going to the Battery section in Settings.  Turning on battery saving mode can also reduce the app's charge usage.


 5. The last thing you can do is keep the phone warm.  We can prevent the phone from overheating by external factors.  The battery and other parts of the phone will work properly for a long time if protected from heat and sun.  Keeping the phone out of the cover in a well-ventilated place while charging can prevent overheating.  Placing the phone under a pillow while sleeping and keeping it on the car dashboard during travel can cause the temperature inside the phone to rise.


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