Pistachio ice cream

The way to make pistachio ice cream at home. How to make such ice cream at home? Ingredients: - 450 gr. of ice cream; - 3 tbsp. of cocoa - 100 gr. of bitter chocolate; - 350 gr. of cream; - 250 gr. of fruit; - 30 gr. of sugar; - peach. Preparation: First we take the cream, bring it to the boil, and then take it off the fire. After that whip them with a blender or a mixer. Take the fruit puree and mix it with chocolate, sugar and cream. After that, gradually add to the mixture at this stage we need 2 tablespoons of puree. We add two more after a few minutes. Now add peaches to the resulting mixture and again whipping everything together. Then add the pulp of one fresh peach, preferably through a sieve. Then we cut the peaches into slices and add them to the ice cream. The dessert is once again whipped with a blender. So that it would have a homogeneous delicate taste. Then, when all the sweet is ready, cut it into pieces. As you can see, the recipe is very simple. How to cook plombière at home Conditions? Instruction: - We will cook shop-made plombir with the help of a microwave, as it is not always possible to cook it at home. The first thing to do is to stir the ice cream until there are no bubbles. And for this we take the device and heat it to a high temperature. Then we stir and get a slow and even heating. When we have stirred all the ingredients, we take the ice cream in our hands and put it in the microwave. The cooking time of the ice cream will depend on the power of the microwave. We recommend proceeding as follows: The cooking time will be 5 minutes to 10 minutes. And it will take you 15-20 minutes to cook each ice cream. How to make ice cream? Instructions. The paper ice cream molds need to be washed and then removed from them. Now we need to prepare the air mixture. And for this we do whipping with a mixer, or a whisk. Gradually we need to add milk or cream to the mixture. We fill the ice cream in the molds and put it all in the freezer. Until the ice cream is completely frozen. How to make ice cream under cream? Tools: - Fruit. It's best to take a peach or plum. - Milk or cream to melt the ice cream. - Cream to chill the ice cream in the freezer. - Mixer. - A spoon. How to cut ice cream?


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