Pizza with suluguni cheese


Yeast dough - 0.5 kg

Suluguni cheese - 100-150 g

Grilled dumplings or sausages - 1 pc. (100-150 г)

Onions - 0,5 pcs.

Tomato sauce or ketchup - 1-2 tbsp.

Fresh dill - 2-3 sprigs

Sweet pepper - 0,5 pcs.

Hummels suneli - 1-2 pinches


The toppings or toppings can be very different - sausage, meat, chicken, or vegetable, but since Georgian cheese is used, let everything else resonate with Georgian notes.


For example, you can use kupati as a meat component, add chopped suneli for flavor, or Satsebeli instead of ketchup, and if you like sweet peppers, they'll be very nice.


I made a quick dough using a recipe from Jamie Oliver, or rather, I entrusted the kneading and rising to the bread maker.


For the suluguni cheese pizza, prepare the ingredients from the list.

Ingredients for suluguni cheese pizza


Roll out or stretch the yeast dough into a thin flatbread, prick it with a fork in several places if desired. Immediately place the dough on the surface on which you are going to bake it (baking tray, baking paper, silicone mat, pizza mold).

Roll out the dough and prick it with a fork

Brush the dough with tomato sauce and sprinkle with finely chopped onions.

Brush with sauce and put onions

Slice or dice the kupats, slice or dice the bell peppers thinly or finely and spread these ingredients evenly on the surface of the dough. Sprinkle chopped fresh dill greens and a mixture of hopely suneli.

Place sausage and dill.

Grate the suluguni cheese and sprinkle it all over the filling placed on the dough.

Grate the cheese.

Bake the suluguni cheese pizza on a thin dough in a heated oven, for example at 220 degrees for 15-20 minutes, but it is better to be guided by the properties of your oven and the thickness of the dough.

Serve the finished pizza hot. Bon appetit!


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