Planning to live a life of wealth? Then you will have to give up a few habits from your life

As much as everyone says that everything around us is good and beautiful, living a well-to-do life is much better than living in debt. The spiritual component of life is not cheap to maintain at the proper level.


That's why the successful writer Thomas Corley, a financier and author of the best-selling book about the habits of millionaires, spent years studying the difference between the behavior of rich people and not-so-rich people.


After 5 years of careful research, he concluded that if you want to get rich, you should get rid of the following habits.


Traveling, visiting interesting places is quite an expensive pleasure.

1. You refuse to meet new people.

Rich people love to meet new people. Up to 68% of them confirmed this. However, only 11% of poor people confirmed this statement. What does this mean? Don't resist meeting new people. You never know what they will bring to your life.


2. You believe in destiny.

Did you know that up to 90 percent of poor people blame their current situation on twists of fate or other outside circumstances that they don't think affect them?


Wrong, you may believe in fate for certain things, but never forget that the reins of your own life are in your hands.


3. You hate your job.

Eighty-five percent of rich people say they love their jobs. And that's not surprising at all. You can get a job that you don't like for a while in order to provide yourself with the income to pay for necessary expenses, but you'll never get rich in such a job.


What's worse, over time, you may become an embittered and nervous person. Even worse, you will become jealous of people who get rich from jobs they enjoy.


Thomas Corley, bestselling author of Millionaire Habits. Photostock Yandex, processed in Canva.

4. Don't take care of your health.

It is possible not to acknowledge the obvious fact. To think about what the connection is between proper nutrition and income. But it should be said that 76% of wealthy people engage in physical activity four times a week.


Rich people eat healthier foods - and no, let's not be sure it's because they have more money. After all, we live in a time when 30 eggs cost exactly the same as 1 frozen pizza. What do you choose? Only 13% of the poor see a connection between a healthy lifestyle and wealth.


5. You don't take risks.

They say that those who have never taken a risk haven't really won anything. 50% of rich people will tell you this is true. So don't be afraid to take risks and follow your dreams.


Don't stay where you are tired of standing just because it's a habit. Risk is profit. And no wonder only 6% of poor people agree with this statement.


6. You watch reality TV.

This statistic is really interesting, but Thomas Corley was able to find out that an incredible 78% of poor people watch reality TV more or less often.


In contrast, up to 94% of rich people don't watch TV at all. After all, there are a thousand ways to spend your free time more productively and intellectually.


Steve Jobs, quote. Open source.

7. You don't read.

For example, instead of the aforementioned reality show in the evening, just sit down or lie down, make a cup of hot tea or coffee and read. Thomas found that up to 88% (!) of wealthy people spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. Equally surprising is the figure for the poor - only 2% of them spend at least 30 minutes a day reading it.


8. You're up late.

As several studies have shown, rich and successful people have similar habits. Most of them get up 2-3 hours before the start of the work day, that is, between 5-6 a.m.


During those 2-3 hours, they may eat breakfast, plan their day, work on their personal projects, meditate, or read. Getting up early doesn't mean sleeping poorly; up to 89% of wealthy people get 7-8 hours of sleep. So the basics are to go to bed earlier.

5% for car maintenance.


The rest will go to buy clothes, medicine, books or courses.


My article is about other negative habits that also inhibit increasing income.


Whether or not to apply the advice is a personal matter.


Success to all, prosperous life and health.


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