Played Fortnite Without Construction

  It's all about unfortunate construction mechanics - say, if you shoot at someone, and the opponent acquires a tall skyscraper, taking a more advantageous position. If you do not know how to build it yourself, it will be difficult to defeat such an opponent, and it takes a long time to learn - many people simply do not have time for it.


  The second season of the third chapter of Fortnite began with a massive experiment. Construction in it was not just made limited (previously there were separate locations where construction was turned off), but removed altogether. Or rather, in the competitive modes it remained, as their audience studied the art, but in the usual "publishing" there is no construction at all. When you click on the button, which used to call the corresponding menu, now nothing happens.



Everything has disappeared.


   Like all such innovations before, the disappearance of such an iconic "chip" is explained by the storyline - the hostile Order of the Loop used a gadget that deprived people of the ability to build. Therefore, chests of resources can not be found, cut down the trees did not leave anything behind, and to sort out the abandoned buildings, someone visited the location or not, it did not work.


   I was not particularly fond of construction and only used the basic set of tricks: put down some planks to climb up, and built a primitive structure of stairs and a wall as a shelter. But even in this new season I felt a little out of place - when you meet an enemy in an open field and realize you can't defend against him, you have to aim particularly accurately. At the same time, it was reassuring to know that he was in the same position, which meant that the best shot would win.

Поиграли в Fortnite без строительства

   To make the firefights more balanced, the developers increased the amount of health. More precisely, they added a bonus super shield of 50 units - when it is demolished, after a couple of seconds it starts to automatically regenerate. It makes the battles last longer - at the beginning of the match you need to deal 150 units of damage, and after he uses all possible potions - as much as 250, or even more, if he is lucky enough to find a shelter and partially regenerate the super shield during the battle.


   But that alone wouldn't be enough. In many ways the mode without construction seemed impossible because of the "woodenness" of the character. Against this background, Apex Legends characters look like athletes - they can climb walls and do somersaults, rolling at high speed down hills. In Fortnite, you could only squat and run, so building shelters was a necessity.


   Last season, they added the ability to perform rollovers to the game, and I used it all the time. Not only did it allow me to escape from the approaching storm more quickly, but it also saved me many times in gunfights, when I was able to outrun my opponent in a few seconds and take him by surprise. Now there are a couple more cool "chips", including the accelerated running. Just as in the latest Call of Duty, you can press the run button and rush forward - run until you run out of stamina. The speed of movement, by the way, has increased - you quickly get used to it.


Fast and nimble.


   Another new feature is the ability to cling to ledges, and it's pretty hard to get used to after all these years of play. The feature completely changes the approach to exploration and to firefights. If before you could climb the cabin or gas station only after installing inclined ladders, now it is enough to jump and hold the button until the character begins to climb. Everything happens smoothly and quickly, as if such an option has always been in the game, although even in the PvE-mode Save the World did not introduce anything like that.


   Of course, there are plenty of places where the character has nothing to cling to - for example, climbing a mountain without construction will be much more difficult, because the character will start to roll down every slope. And quickly take a position on the roof of some tower is not possible. At the same time, you can imagine a lot of situations where the introduced features are more than enough, especially in locations with low houses like Sleepy Village. You hear shooting in your direction - quickly orient yourself, climb somewhere with a couple of jumps and methodically shoot your enemies. And at the same time you can find the chest there.


    All these new features completely transform the game. Before it was really impossible to imagine Fortnite without the construction, but now it is a full-fledged third-person shooter where you don't feel limited in anything. You can even say that the developers breathed new life into the game - all its many advantages remained in place, and what was scary to outsiders was replaced by excellent innovations.



   However, construction is certainly not gone forever - they say it will be back a week after the start of the season. But it is obvious that what is happening is a big experiment. The audience has been asking for this mode for a very long time, well-known content-makers have declared their desire to return to the game after learning about the disappearance of construction. Yes, and too much appeared too mechanics, not very necessary for those who are used to in any situation to build ladders and walls. In short, it would be strange if all this does not lead to the creation of a separate mode.


And that's not all.


   The new season is interesting and other innovations. There are several Order of the Loop airships looming over the map, with chests of valuable items guarded by AI-controlled soldiers. You can say that this is another "feature" copied from Apex Legends, but if there after mopping up you can only jump from the blimp to the ground, here it's better to climb into the siege gun and shoot yourself far away - for example, to escape from the Storm.


   The list of available weapons was updated with several fresh ones. As a fan of the rifles that fire in bursts, I was thrilled with the "Udarnik," which fires two rounds and is equipped with a spotting scope. The rifle replaced the Seven's Machine Gun, which pleased many last season with its ability to shoot from a first-person perspective. Well, and the combat submachine gun seems like a good melee gun. Also back from the vault modified submachine gun with thermal imaging, revolver, and automatic shotgun - the latter is especially frustrating to die from, although they tried to weaken it by slowing down the shooting.


   Well, among the transport, it is impossible not to note the novelty - tanks. Of course, it's a little strange to introduce tanks at a time when players can not build defensive structures, but too strong equipment is not made. To kill your opponent you need to make a few shots from the gun, the speed of movement is quite low, and to shoot the tracks to slow down the tank even more, is not so difficult. By the way, now the transport can be repaired by finding a blowtorch.


   It's amazing how Epic Games manages to refresh the game with the start of each season. Just a few months ago, the appearance of roll-ups, falling trees, spiderwebs (they were removed, by the way), and tornadoes seemed enough to make you want to return to the game once again. But now it all seems very insignificant against the kind of gameplay mechanics offered at the beginning of spring.


   The magnitude of the problem of building and not being able to fit into the game was greatly exaggerated-even the basic abilities were enough to win games from time to time. At least because of the fact that many skilled players sit in competitive modes rather than standard modes. But now in "publics" everyone is on a level playing field, and here it all depends on marksmanship and reaction speed. Will the mode without construction become a new chapter in the history of Fortnite or will it be another event that will not be remembered anymore? We'll find out in the near future.


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