Poetry : Don't Call Me Black

Don't Call me Black


I know it's sensitive, but shouldn't someone say it?

Silence of guilt is a wound on top of an old wound.

Don't expect much in the future, when the past is too busy with hurt and pain.


Don't put me in the color category.

Not because I don't like it, but because you didn't make it for good.

Don't make me complain to God

For the material that came not because I asked.


Let my morning be a little longer, don't make the evening too early

I want to live a little happier, for who I really am.

Stop confining me in a box that you shape according to your concept

All I know is that I deserve to enjoy a life, because you do too.


I don't bring up the wounds of the past, because right now the wounds are still open

Am I wrong to dream a little higher, for a more beautiful life together?


I'm not looking for goals that are too great, more than I can bear.

Just one little thing I ask,

Don't call me black.


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